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Nishthaa Bhardwaj | MBA 15 | Product Manager, Shipwire Inc., an Ingram Micro Co.

Student Perspective

“The UC Davis MBA experience was both challenging and rewarding. The small class size, world-class professors and being part of a premier research university shaped a holistic experience.”

...who have access to the world’s top business minds


Improv for MBAs
Thinking on Your Feet: An Extra Edge

UC Davis is among the pioneering business schools that are effectively bridging the creative and management communities, embracing improv to help with team building and communication. Many top tech and Fortune 500 companies have also turned to improv training.

Recruiters are probing to see how fast you can shift from one topic to another. The art and science is learning how to deeply listen and be present in the moment Read More


Smart Mobile Growth and Competition
Professor Hemant Bhargava Urges Regulatory Caution

The explosion of smart mobile use, and the disruptions that shift is causing to the online economy, creates challenges for antitrust regulators globally. Professor Hemant Bhargava warns of the greater likelihood of remedies having negative unintended consequences.

“We need to ensure that these innovations continue to improve the functioning of society, business and the economy.Read More


Big Data Means Big Opportunity
Professor Hemant Bhargava: Analytics Driven Decisions

Big data has forever altered the way businesses operate. As a tidal wave of data continues to wash over companies, the challenge is how to harness that flood to make informed decisions that propel firms forward.

Professor Hemant Bhargava is paving the way, having studied or commented extensively on products and practices of Google, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Amazon and IBM. Read More


Kimberly Elsbach, Associate Dean and Professor of Organizational Behavior
Setting the Standard for Responsible Business Leadership

“Leadership happens every moment of every day. You always have an opportunity to influence what other people do and why they do it by being a role model. I help students understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses, pushing them to work outside of their comfort zones—for instance, by encouraging those who are not ‘natural leaders’ to take the initiative.” Read More the heart of Northern California’s technology hub.

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