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Application Process

How to Apply

  • We are now accepting applications for our 2015/16 program. Click here to apply >
  • Have your advisor submit a letter of support by email to Niki Peterson, Program Manger. 

There is no cost for the program if accepted as a Fellow.

The Business Development Fellows program is open only to UC Davis graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

Eligible applicants will be invited to group interviews in August.

Criteria for Selection

  • Fellows must have completed their coursework for their Master’s or Doctoral degree, due to the heavy workload.
  • Fellows must have the support of their advisor(s) to participate.
  • Priority selection goes to applicants with a career goal to work in industry, start-up or who plan to commercialize their research.


Q: Who can participate in the Fellows program?

The Business Development Fellows program is open only to UC Davis graduate students and postdocs. We generally accept doctoral students, post-coursework. Master’s students are admitted conditionally, based on their coursework load. The program is open to science and engineering graduate students and postdocs.

Q. How do you select participants?

Acceptance is based on your application, letter of support from your advisor and your interview. We are looking for candidates who are motivated to learn outside their lab and develop new skills and method of thinking about their research.

Q: Where does the Fellows program take place?

The courses are primarily held at Gallagher Hall, Graduate School of Management. Courses may occasionally be taught at the Sacramento campus of the Graduate School of Management.

Q: How much does the Fellows program cost?

Through the support of the Graduate School of Management, accepted Fellows attend the program at no cost.

Q. When are the classes?

There are generally two classes in Fall, two in Winter and one in Spring. Classes are three hours in duration, once per week, throughout the quarter.

Q. What if I can only attend some of the classes?

All fellows are expected to attend all five classes. They are also expected to participate fully in their classes, including all homework, coursework and projects. We admit Fellows based on their commitment to the program.

Q: Do I receive credit for the courses?

Graduate students receive a transcript for their courses. As graduate students, you are enrolled in each course and receive an official course grade.

Postdoctoral researchers are not enrolled students at the university so do not receive official course credit. Postdocs will be graded in their courses but you do not receive an official university transcript.

Q: Can I transfer credits from the program?

Enrolled students who receive an official transcript may be able to transfer course credit to an MBA program. Transfer credit is determined by each university differently so you will need to have your transcript evaluated.

Q. How much time does the Fellows program take?

Fellows should anticipate spending 15-20 hours a week on the program, on top of regular research / lab duties. Two courses per quarter equals six hours of class time. On top of that, estimate another 12 – 14 hours of homework, group work, and projects.

Application Process

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