Academic Procedures

GSM Policies and Procedures

The GSM MBA Program Guide details registration requirements, scheduling, full-time and part-time study, curriculum, grading, repeated courses and incomplete grades. >>Policy and Procedures

Registration Policies

Students register for classes online via our Registration and Payment system, RaPS. Once registered, students will be listed on your course roster. Students who do not appear on your course rosters are not permitted to attend your class. GSM policy strictly prohibits auditing of courses.

With limited exceptions, non-GSM graduate students may be given permission to enroll in full-time elective courses. Students inquiring should be directed to the GSM Registrar, for further information.

Course Discriptions

All courses have an official description, a statement of what the Committee on Courses of the University has approved. These descriptions, which are included in the University catalog, are used by students to select courses. While you should design your course with this official description in mind, you should also recognize that this description could have been written some time ago, and therefore may need some adaptation to the present. Hence, it may be appropriate to restate or expand the official description or rewrite it as a statement of course objectives (goals) or learning expectations. This would then become a part of your course outline and syllabus. With 290 series courses or 298 group studies courses, you have considerably more flexibility in the course description. For visiting faculty/lecturers, you should discuss the content of your course with the Associate Dean. Finally, if you contemplate major changes in the content of a course that you have taught previously, it is best to review these changes with the Associate Dean.

Cross Registration

The GSM will allow students to “cross register” in courses outside their home campus based on availability (i.e. a full-time student may enroll in a Sacramento/Bay Area course or vice-versa). Students with questions should be directed to the GSM Registrar for more information.

Independent Study

A student may design a course of independent study (299/499) and approach you as a faculty member to sponsor the project. GSM policy does not permit visiting faculty or lecturers to supervise independent studies projects. For such requests, please refer students to a faculty member or the Graduate Advisor.


Once a course is full, students who register for that class will be automatically added to
the waitlist. The only way to be added into a course once it is full is through the waitlist.
Registered students will need to drop the course in order for a waitlisted student to be
added. Waitlist questions can be directed to the Academic and Student Services staff.


A syllabus is a brief description of the format of the class. It should list the course
title, professor, time and date of class, professor’s offi ce hours and offi ce location,
required textbooks or textpak information. It may also include a description of what
may be covered in the class, a day-to-day assignment schedule, examination and
grading procedures. Recommended procedures regarding syllabus information
can be found on the Student Judicial Affairs web site. An electronic copy of the
syllabus is requested approximately two months prior to the beginning of the
course. This may be submitted to Project & Instructional Resources HelpDesk via
email at All syllabi will be posted on the GSM
course web page as well as on SmartSite. Students prefer to view this information
prior to registering for courses which usually occurs several months prior to the
beginning of your class.
Following recommendations from the GSM Ad Hoc Ethics Committee, your
syllabus should also refer appropriately to:
1) The UC standards of conduct for students
2) Any unique student conduct requirements established by the instructors of
the course.
3) AACSB learning objectives.

Testing out of a Core Class

Course prerequisites can be general or specific.  Students should have completed the core courses prior to taking an elective. Some elective courses may also require that a specific course be taken as a prerequisite to the elective. As an instructor, you should attempt to be aware of students who are registered in your course who may not have all the necessary prerequisites. Based on information that they provide, you may encourage or discourage them from taking your course at the present time.

Cancelling or Changing a Class Meeting Time/Date

If you need to cancel or change a schedule class meeting time and/or date, this needs to be discussed and arranged in advance with the Associate Dean. If the Associate Dean agrees to cancel or change your scheduled class meeting time and/or date, the faculty member is responsible for notifying your class via the class mailing list (accessible via SmartSite) and Project & Instructional Resources. This must be done as this change in your class schedule, may impact catering, staffing and staff assistance at your particular class location.

Course Evaluations

On the last week at the end of each quarter, you should expect your online course
evaluations to be available to the students. The evaluations are an important part of
the teaching process and it should be emphasized to the students that they are all read
and taken seriously. The online course evaluations can be completed using a computer,
smartphone, or tablet. You should request students to complete these either in class, during a time you set aside, or on their own before the quarter ends. The course evaluations will be open to the students for approximately one week Instructions regarding course evaluations will be emailed to the students automatically and they will get reminders if they have evaluations to complete. Following the completion and submission of grades, you will be able to access your course evaluation information by logging into the system using your UC Davis username and passphrase here,

Allegations of Academic Misconduct or Cheating

Any allegations of academic misconduct (e.g., cheating, plagiarism, etc., see Code of
Academic Conduct) should be communicated to the office of Student Judicial Affairs.
Information about student responsibilities and rights, Standards of Academic Conduct,
procedures for reporting academic misconduct and the filing of student grievances are
available online.
You may also contact: >> Assistant Dean, Student Affairs, James Stevens >> GSM Registrar


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