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Bay Area Finance Association
The Bay Area Finance Association (BAFA) is the student finance club at the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management (GSM) Bay Area Program.

BAFA is comprised of current part-time candidates at the San Ramon GSM campus. We provide a student based learning environment that allows an open exchange of ideas in a broad array of categories related to finance.  

All current members are allowed full benefits of membership, including attendance to speakers, participation in contests and reserved space at networking events.  Students must be BAFA members (pay a one-time membership fee) to run for association offices, and to vote in BAFA and association elections.

The mission of the Bay Area Finance Association is to provide additional financial industry exposure to the student experience at the UC Davis GSM Bay Area Program by creating an enhanced exposure to real life financial professionals and experiences. We create a jovial atmosphere while learning from and networking with well-respected Bay Area Finance Professionals.