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Information for Companies

Our MBA Consulting Center brings together companies and highly qualified UC Davis MBA students. Companies are invited to propose a field study project. Once approved by the Consulting Center’s faculty director, the project is assigned to a team of MBA students whose strengths and interests match the company’s specific needs. The team then assists the company by defining and solving strategic problems, enhancing the organization’s effectiveness or exploring business opportunities.

The company partner is expected to commit the necessary time and resources to the project. Companies are responsible for expenses incurred on their behalf, including, but not limited to, postage, printing and travel. The project helps students turn theory into practice while bringing their skills to bear on an important problem to be solved.

The typical field study last one academic quarter (10 weeks). The team meets regularly with the company partner and is aided by the guidance of a field study advisor. A written interim report is provided after five weeks; a final report and oral presentation responding to the project are presented in week 10 or 11.

Confidential information can be protected by a nondisclosure agreement if necessary. Please contact us for further information.


Step 1 – Complete a Project Proposal

Step 2 – Refine proposal with director, Professor Richard Dorf

Step 3 – Companies are notified of selected projects

Step 4 – Meet with student team and field study advisor

Step 5 – Review interim report

Step 6 – Finalize report


Companies are asked to submit project proposals before the following dates to be considered for each academic quarter:

Quarter Project Deadlines
Fall August 5
Winter November 5
Spring February 5
Summer May 5

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