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CSR Survey


CSR Information Per Accounting Course
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ACC 200A Financial Accounting

Professor Michelle Yetman

My course covers the accounting rules under GAAP (generally accepted accounting principals), which are the rules for reporting for firms required to follow GAAP.  Corporate social responsibility relates in part to following the spirit of laws (or in my class GAAP). We also discuss managerial motivations to manipulate accounting reports, and the negative


Corporate Social Responsiblity Information Per Marketing Course
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293 International Marketing

Professor Kay Peters

We currently address international sustainability in business in International Marketing organization. Global corporate social responsibility will be covered in future courses as qualified research has recently been published. It is touched on in various examples/cases throughout the course, but not as a separate topic with an assigned class.


CSR Information Per Finance Course
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261 Investment Analysis

Professor Joseph Chen

“Global Issues” broadly defined, I use investing in international context (as in portfolio diversification) as a key example and application throughout the course, with a particular attention to handling investing in currencies. In terms of hands-on learning, the course is designed around combining everything taught in a class to applying it to a hypothetical problem (recommen

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