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Our alumni do amazing things.

The institute has helped launch or supported more than 50 companies in areas ranging from medical diagnostics to solar power to biodegrable plastics. Institute-affiliated startups have raised more than $90 million. Our entrepreneurship academies and business development certificate program have helped more than 1,035 graduate students, postdocs and faculty researchers explore the commercial applications of their ideas-and connected them with industry careers and business investors.

Our alumni come from universities around the globe and from a variety of disciplines in science and engineering.

Entrepreneurial Insights

Spotlight Story
Image of Entrepreneurial Insights: Barobo’s Graham Ryland

Entrepreneurial Insights: Barobo’s Graham Ryland
UC Entrepreneurship Academy 2008 Alumnus

Graham Ryland is passionate about creating robots that inspire young people to pursue careers in engineering and science. He focused on modular robotics for his graduate work at UC Davis, and was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug at the UC Entrepreneurship Academy in 2008—an early experience with the Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship that has deepened into a rewarding relationship. In 2010 Ryland founded Barobo Inc., an educational robotics start-up, with his faculty advisor, College of Engineering Professor Harry Cheng.

Spotlight Story

5 minutes with Mitesh Gala
CEO, SEED & Alumnus Green Tech Entrepreneurship Academy

In a nutshell, what is SEED’s mission?

SEED seeks to increase incomes of rural farmers around the globe by developing affordable, sustainable water management/conservation products and services. Our goal is to develop user-defined and user-designed products and services and deliver them through an afford able infrastructure, or network. SEED’s products and services will create an ecosystem that will empower farmers to make decisions that facilitate and improve water conservation and management.

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