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Study Measures Investors’ Reaction to ‘Unburnable Carbon’

Story about UC Davis research that found investors in U.S. oil and gas companies have not ignored science when considering whether a potential carbon asset bubble exists – a concern raised in recent media reports. Two of the study’s co-authors are Paul A. Griffin, a professor of management, and Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability, both of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

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Republicans Are Wooing the Wired

Alumnus Andrew Barkett MBA 09, the chief technology officer for the Republican National Committee, is featured in a story about the efforts to identify and recruit conservatives and Republicans within the tech world.

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California Tries to Spur Companies to Name Women Directors

Story about Senate Concurrent Resolution 62, the first resolution of its kind in the United States, that both houses of the California Legislature passed in 2013 calling for more women leaders in public companies. The resolution cited the UC Davis Study of Women Business Leaders that the UC Davis Graduate School of Management publishes.

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River City Bank names Hoblit VP

Brian Hoblit, MBA 07, has joined River City Bank’s commercial banking team as vice president and relationship manager. He is a board member of the Graduate School of Management Alumni Association.

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