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How America Helped Weaken OPEC

OPEC has lost power as oil production booms in other countries, particularly in the U.S. “They’ve basically already shot themselves in the foot,” says Amy Myers Jaffe, UC Davis executive director of energy and sustainability, who explains how OPEC spurred the U.S. to find its own oil.

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Don’t Just Do Something, Sit There
Fund managers trade too much. Retail investors can learn not to

It’s Mutual, We Don’t Like Hidden Fund Expenses: Professor Roger Edelen’s research shows that antsy fund managers trading holdings run up hidden costs that are higher than the funds’ declared expenses and have a significant negative impact on returns. Another good reason to stick with index investments.

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Business Lessons From the Bloomberg Terminal Scandal

As the Bloomberg terminal scandal plays out, two camps are ratcheting up arguments. This is overblown. And we need to regulate electronic platforms.

But amid the controversy, the data breach offers uncomfortable lessons about how we conduct modern business in a digital era—and how we’re unprepared to ensure online transactions remain secure and private.

Professor Don Palmer weighs in on the lessons to be learned as the Bloomberg terminal scandal plays out.

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Study Sheds Light on Mutual Funds’ Hidden Trading Costs

Expense ratios are not the only cost you should be thinking about when investing in mutual funds. There’s another significant cost that’s harder to quantify, isn’t disclosed, and remains largely invisible: expenses from the trades that the fund manager makes. “On a practical level, given the current state of affairs, trading costs really are an invisible cost,” says Associate Professor Roger Edelen.

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Barobo seeks $40K through Kickstarter campaign

Davis-based robot maker Barobo Inc. is launching a $40,000 Kickstarter campaign Friday to jump-start sales of its new Linkbot educational robots.

The 2011 startup company develops, manufactures and markets educational robots that are programmable and can be configured to move in a variety of directions. They are modular and can be used in a series or can be used as individual units. New York-based Kickstarter is a leading crowd funding site.

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Image of UC Davis Agribusiness Executives Symposium to be held in Shanghai

UC Davis Agribusiness Executives Symposium to be held in Shanghai
Executive Education Program Brings Expertise to China

Senior agribusiness executives from throughout China will gather June 14-16 in Shanghai for an innovative business leaders’ symposium coordinated by the Graduate School of Management at the University of California, Davis.

The three-day symposium, “Growing Agribusiness in China: Scaling Up and Staying Fresh,” is designed to be a practical, interactive experience, useful for executives in all aspects of the agribusiness supply chain from farming and food processing to retail.

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Man vs. Machine: The Great Stock Showdown

According to Brad Barber, finance professor at UC Davis, human creativity still plays an important role in investing because there are some things a computer either can’t do or can’t do well, including determining whether the patterns that emerge from data crunching make sense.

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Winemakers Look for High-end Turnaround

Many wine industry executives are hopeful that “frugality fatigue” has set in with wine drinkers, who traded down from luxury bottles to lower-priced wines during the recession.

Wine executives are reporting optimism about the future, said Robert Smiley, former dean at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, presenting results of an annual survey of wine industry executives.

“We’re going to move back, but slowly, and not all the way back for a long time,” Smiley said. “We may not return to previous levels of conspicuous consumption.”

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Image of Alumna Christine Gulbranson Judges Contest to Find the Next Great American Innovator–and Inspire More

Alumna Christine Gulbranson Judges Contest to Find the Next Great American Innovator–and Inspire More
Discovery Channel's "The Big Brain Theory" Celebrates Extreme Intelligence, Ingenuity and Talent

By Andy Fell

UC Davis multi-alumna Christine Gulbranson is bringing her talents as a scientist, engineer and investor to a new challenge: She is one of two regular judges on a new reality TV show, “The Big Brain Theory: Pure Genius” which begins an eight-week run on the Discovery Channel on May 1.

Gulbranson MBA 96 said she hopes the show can help get young people excited about in careers in science, technology, engineering and math.

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What Will It Take to Get More Women in Green-Energy Jobs?

Innovation is at the heart of growth in any new sector, especially STEM-related ones, and the best driver of innovation is a diversity of perspectives, experiences, and expertise at the table. Interesting article about the lack of women in the Clean-Tech sector and how we can level the playing field. Amanda Kimball is quoted

(women) will stand out as being unique and bringing something new to the table…. women bring a perspective to the table that businesses are sorely lacking right now…” says Amanda Kimball, author of our UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders

- Amanda Kimball

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California’s Fracking Bonanza May Fall Short of Promise

Shale boom? Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability, says California’s dream of billions in windfall oil revenue from the Monterey shale deposit running through the state may fall short as industry efforts are only receiving mixed results. Jaffe says the shale is more expensive to explore than other shale because of its many layers and complexity.

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Hidden Fees Can Hurt Your Investment Portfolio

Actively managed investment funds are investments that try to pick stocks that will outperform the broad market. In Canada, active managers fail to beat the broad market, as measured by the market index, over 97 per cent of the time over a five-year period, according to Standard & Poor. One of the reasons active managers fail to beat their benchmarks is the “hidden” costs of trading.

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Crowdfunding Helps Creative People Raise Money for Their Projects

To raise $15,000 for a new business venture, Sacramento artist Danny Scheible went the route of many creative professionals: crowdfunding. In a matter of weeks, his online appeal to launch a new line of quirky eyeglasses scooped up more than 200 interested donors.

Getting online financial backing is essential to entrepreneurs who don’t fit inside conventional boxes.

“It’s a launching pad,” said Borden, who earned a Yale degree and an MBA in entrepreneurship from UC Davis.

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Image of Chinese Deluge U.S. Master’s Programs

Chinese Deluge U.S. Master’s Programs
Overseas Students Seek Specialized Degrees to Win Competitive Edge, and B-Schools Enjoy Revenue in Tough Time

When the business school at the University of California, Davis, started its master’s program in accounting last year, administrators expected to attract aspiring accountants from nearby colleges. What they got instead was a wave of interest from overseas: Roughly two-thirds of the 189 applications received for last fall’s entering class came from Chinese citizens.”Frankly, we were shocked at the deluge of applications…for what we saw as a program that prepared students for a U.S.

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Leadership Lessons: What Do Executives at Amazon, Citigroup and Whole Foods Market Have in Common?
Blog by Dean Steven Currall

Former chairman and CEO of Citigroup, Sandy Weill ran the world’s third largest financial institution. soared from a $9 billion to a $70 billion company with Mark Onetto in charge of the supply chain and customer service for the world’s largest Internet retailer. Whole Foods Market co-CEO and co-founder John Mackey has grown a single store in Austin, Texas, founded in 1978, into an $11 billion Fortune 300 company.

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Image of UC Davis Energy Efficiency Director Benjamin Finkelor  Honored for Green Leadership

UC Davis Energy Efficiency Director Benjamin Finkelor Honored for Green Leadership

UC Davis Graduate School of Management alumnus Benjamin Finkelor, executive director of the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center, has earned a 2013 Green Leadership Award from the Sacramento Business Journal.

The Business Journal’s Green Leadership Awards seeks to honor those who “have a strong commitment to making the Sacramento region a thriving hub for clean technology.”

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