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Boys’ Club Still in Charge of California Businesses

The 400 largest companies headquartered in California, representing almost $3 trillion in shareholder value, still resemble a “boys’ club” with women filling fewer than 10 percent of top executive jobs, a University of California, Davis, study has found. Incremental gains have been pitiful, in my opinion.

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Stewarding the University of California Dream

The dream of a University of California education has been a historical driver of the upward economic mobility of California’s young people.

With the passage of Proposition 30, Governor Brown on Nov. 14 said the UC must think anew about how it does business.

Agreed. In fact, the UC is inspired now more than ever to fulfill the public’s trust by thinking of new ways to be responsible stewards of the financial resources we receive from the state.

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Image of The Future of Oil, Coal, and Gas Under Obama

The Future of Oil, Coal, and Gas Under Obama

Energy companies spent more than $115 million on the presidential campaign and 80 percent of those funds went to the Republican Party. However, President Obama’s reelection may have less of an impact as they believe; Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability at UC Davis, says that while there may be new regulations on oil drilling, the additional costs are unlikely to harm profits.

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Energy and the Obama Re-election:
Good for Energy Independence but Clean Tech Path Needs Revamp

Written by Amy Myers Jaffe

The reelection of President Barack Obama is good news for the U.S. pursuit of energy independence. That’s because the President is unlikely to take any major steps to ban shale drilling operations in the United States but is more likely than contender Mitt Romney to stay the course on accelerated time lines for higher efficiency standards (CAFE) to 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025

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Believe It or Not, Social Responsibility and Green Advocacy Can Improve Oil Company Stock Performance

Written by Amy Myers Jaffe

Authors Paul Griffin and Yuan Sun demonstrate in their new paper a reliable association between companies’ CSR disclosure intensity and political interests. The authors work supports the notion that when the political interests of managers and stakeholders noticeably converge it encourages significantly higher voluntary CSR intensity.

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UC Davis Study: Social Responsibility Pays

“Especially for smaller public companies, if the firm has been active in disclosing corporate social responsibility measures and if the individuals in the company are politically active, there’s a good chance you will do better in the stock market if you invest in that company,” said Professor Paul Griffin.

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U.S. Fuel Exports Grow to Historic Levels

Energy expert Amy Myers Jaffe said fuel exporting removes gasoline and diesel that would otherwise be available to the market to mitigate price spikes.

“There is no such thing as ’surplus gasoline,’” said Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability at UC Davis. “It’s a little like saying you are only going to take water from the shallow end of the pool. If I take water out, there is less water in the pool.”

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Are Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Into the Boys’ Club?

It’s a common charge — Silicon Valley is “a boys’ club.” However, it’s not just a spurious claim. A 2011 University of California, Davis, study, entitled “California Women Business Leaders,” shows that “women hold 1 in 9 of the top corporate spots” in the state’s 400 largest companies. And according to a report at SFGate: “Silicon Valley is the most male-dominated of any region. In last year’s study, of the 113 firms in [the area], 42 had no women on the board of directors or in the top five highest-compensated positions.”

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Image of Will This Study Swing The Presidential Election?

Will This Study Swing The Presidential Election?
With the Presidential election so close and days away, a new University of California study could have an impact.

Imagine finding a relationship between company managers’ political contributions, voluntary disclosure and increased shareholder value?  The study by the University of California Davis’s research team led by Paul Griffin ‘show positive results by documenting a significant association between corporate political contributions and excess stock return’.   Basically, Democratic managers of companies that contribute to Democratic political campaigns that voluntarily disclose their CSR activities enjoy a 4.5% positive mean excess return over a three-month period.  The research

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Councilman Schenirer: City’s Business Climate Must Improve

Following the closure of two large businesses – and after years of financial instability – Sacramento City Hall is talking about changing its business culture.

Councilman Jay Schenirer today unveiled a list of proposals aimed at improving the city’s economic condition. Schenirer was flanked by regional business leaders, three council members, City Manager John Shirey and Mayor Kevin Johnson.

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