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Cathie Anderson: Call him Mr. Roboto/Seeding Davis’ future

Cathie Anderson’s column includes items about Barobo Inc. founder Graham Ryland and Davis Roots. Ryland graduated from the UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s UC Entrepreneurship Academy. Barobo was one of the first startups to graduate from Davis Roots, a nonprofit business accelerator bridging the city of Davis and UC Davis. UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon helped found Davis Roots, which is incubating its third class of entrepreneurs.

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Slowing Down Can Increase Productivity and Happines

UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professors Kimberly Elsbach and Andrew Hargadon have suggested that people find ways to balance workday activities with a mix of “mindful” (cognitively demanding) and “mindless” (cognitively facile) activities. Giving the mind a rest from high-stakes responsibilities and strategically doing simple (but necessary) administrative or hands-on tasks give us freedom to take control of our schedules and maintain momentum with less cognitive strain.

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