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290 Bay Area MBA Executive Leadership Seminar

This seminar brings successful corporate leaders to the Bay Area MBA program to teach important lessons from the frontlines of industry. Executives share their first-hand experiences of the complexities of today’s business world, inspiring students to seek new ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

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San Francisco Bay Area Campus – San Ramon
Part-Time MBA Program & Executive Education

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Conveniently located at the LEED-Silver certified Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon, 35 miles east of San Francisco, our Bay Area campus in part of a community of more than 550 leading companies. Classes are held on Fridays and Saturdays.

12647 Alcosta Blvd.
Suite 190
San Ramon, CA 94583
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268 Articulation and Critical Thinking

Develop competency in business writing and oral presentations. Build critical thinking skills. Topics include behavioral economics, false claims, deductive and inductive reasoning, correlation/causality, business ethics.Formerly titled “Management Communications”. Course name/description change under review by Academic Senate.


274 Corporate Governance

Concentrates on the role of the independent public accountant as auditor, consultant and manager. Auditing standards, auditing procedures, professional ethics and internal control techniques are discussed. Emphasizes current issues confronting the accounting profession.


285 Time Series Analysis and Forecasting

Helps managers face problems of forecasting the future value of external and internal factors such as product demand, input prices, inventory levels, interest rates, advertising budgets, etc. Covers techniques to aid in this task, including time series analysis, which is the statistical analysis of past data series to produce forecasts for future values of the series.


251 Management of Innovation

This course focuses on the management of technology-based innovation. Topics include the impact of new technologies on industries, dominant designs, incremental and transformative innovations, and the life-cycle of products. The class will examine the organization of highly innovative firms, and the relationship of core competencies to both innovation and rigidity. Addresses the relationship of innovation to management practices such as leadership, competitive strategic planning and teamwork by using cases and field studies. Students perform an innovation audit of an area firm.


269 Business Intelligence Technologies Data Mining

Data is a key source of intelligence and competitive advantage for businesses. With the explosion of electronic data and the demand for better and faster decisions, the role of data driven intelligence is becoming central in organizations. Data mining is the process of converting the raw data into useful knowledge required to support decision-making. It automates the process of knowledge discovery, making us orders of magnitude more productive in our search for useful information than we would be otherwise. It also increases the confidence with which we can make business decisions.

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What’s with All the Commotion at the SEC?

All eyes are on the SEC this morning as the regulator holds a public meeting to vote on whether to adopt rules surrounding disclosure and reporting of conflict minerals under Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Act. If approved, this rule could ignite more state regulation and require additional reporting from companies.

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A Look at California’s Most Sustainable Universities

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California leads the nation in total number of solar power installations and in total photovoltaic energy capacity, so it should come as no surprise that the state’s universities are among the leaders in the field of green energy research. The Sierra Club, an environmental advocacy group, recently published its list of the greenest colleges in America. Three of the top 10 universities listed were located in California, more than any other state.