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Andrew Hargadon
Professor of Technology Management / Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship / Founder and Director, UC Davis Child Family Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship / Founding Director, UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center

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UC Davis MBA students experience firsthand what it takes for an idea to become a product in the market. They emerge having actually built businesses from the ground up, and developed close and lasting relationships with faculty, their peers and the entrepreneurial community both on and off the campus.


Kimberly D. Elsbach
Professor of Organizational Behavior / Stephen G. Newberry Endowed Chair in Leadership

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Leadership happens every moment of every day. You always have an opportunity to influence what other people do and why they do it by being a role model. I help students understand their leadership strengths and weaknesses, pushing them to work outside of their comfort zones—for instance, by encouraging those who are not ‘natural leaders’ to take the initiative.


Stephen G. Newberry
Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence, Spring 2014

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Stephen G. Newberry has been chairman of the board of directors for Lam Research since November 2012. He joined the Company in August 1997 as executive vice president and chief operating officer and was promoted to the position of president and chief operating officer in July 1998. In June 2005, he was named president and chief executive officer, and in December 2010, he was named vice chairman of the board of directors and chief executive officer. In addition to serving as a director of Lam Research, Mr.


Brad Barber
Professor of Finance / Maurice J. and Marcia G. Gallagher Chair in Finance / Director, Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility

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People make mistakes—this includes investors saving for retirement and CEOs of major corporations. Our Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility is the first step in both avoiding these mistakes and minimizing the damage that might be done by them.


Deepti Kansal MBA 13
Full-Time MBA Student

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The Graduate School of Management has an international reputation for facilitating learning through rigorous coursework and the free exchange of thoughts and ideas. My internship at Apple—known for its innovative culture and superior supply chain—is the perfect complement to my classroom studies and an invaluable opportunity for my professional development.


Retail Fulfillment Logistics Group, Apple Inc.


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