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SWAT Teams and Film Crews Models for Managing Crisis Episodes

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Long before SWAT officers burst into a building to rescue hostages or arrest an armed suspect, the team has practiced similar types of assaults over and over to fine tune routines to handle such crises. Similarly, film crews must work through unexpected events to get the job of movie making done right.

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CalPERS’ Anne Simpson Stresses Management Responsibility
Corporations Require Accountability for the Exercise of Power

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By most measurable accounts, the modern corporation is a wild success, with products and services that touch every moment of our lives and companies with so much wealth that some are valued at more than the GDP of industrialized nations.

WalMart, for example, posted $444 billion in net sales last year, slightly more than the GDP of Norway. Apple has a value greater than the GDP of Poland, and selling the company at its market value of about $490 billion would more than pay off Greece’s crisis-causing debt.

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Can Data Mining Lead to Better Results in the Classroom?

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Can using common accounting practices, like gathering data and using performance metrics, result in improved student performance?

Professor Shannon Anderson is exploring this question as part of a research project examining the use of a data portal tool created by Aspire Public Schools. The system, known as Schoolzilla, collects raw data from a school’s source systems—including the California State Test and benchmark assessments—and makes it readily available to teachers and administrators in the form of charts, graphs and textual information. The idea is to empower teachers to immediately identify which students are doing well, which are struggling, and to adjust their teaching strategies. The data also will make it possible to evaluate individual or groups of students over the long term.

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Prerana Joshi Takes IT Expertise to Product Marketing
MBA Internship at Kellogg’s Offers First-hand Experience

Prerana Joshi started the Full-Time MBA program set on establishing a career in IT management. She brought a background in software development, and had worked four years for FICO, ANZ Bank and IBM in Bangalore, India.

But courses in strategy and marketing management, and a market research project she completed for the Tahoe Institute for Rural Health Research during her second quarter at the School, changed everything.

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New Tool to Measure Consumer Demand

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India’s rapidly expanding middle class and steady increase in household disposable income has attracted the interest of multinational retailers like IKEA, Apple, WalMart and Tesco. But estimating consumer demand has been challenging, says Professor Prasad Naik, and the standard methods being used have proved unreliable.

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Jim Olson Helps Students Hone Their “Leadership DNA”

Veteran Silicon Valley Executive Named Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence

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For Jim Olson, leadership is a lot like tennis. We bring our natural athletic and mental tendencies to the game, we learn the fundamentals, we have mentors, we study the pros, and we apply it all on the court, looking to improve our performance.

As this year’s Robert A. Fox Executive-in-Residence, Olson has put the tennis analogy into play in his winter quarter course, Game Changing Leadership: One Size Fits One, to help MBA students better understand, develop and apply their “leadership DNA.”