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GSM Alumni Association: Board Responsibilities

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Members of the Graduate School of Management Alumni Association’s board of directors have several responsibilities that help the association achieve its mission. Board members work closely with the School to identify School, student and alumni needs and pursue new initiatives in response to these needs. They represent fellow graduates and ensure that alumni have a positive impact on the ongoing growth and development of the School. Goals fit into a number of general categories, including:


Connect @ Alumni Networking Groups
Make valuable connections and share experiences with our alumni networking groups.

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In addition to providing their financial support, alumni volunteer countless hours to the School each year. The GSMAA Board of Directors needs your help. They have ambitious goals and a list of school priorities alumni can contribute to. We would be pleased to help you find the opportunity that’s right for you. Contact Alumni Relations for more information.

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Become an Alumni Volunteer
Help build our GSM community!

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Active volunteer efforts are one of the best ways to foster a close-knit alumni community. This year, the GSM Alumni Association’s board of directors is seeking to increase the ranks of the School’s volunteers, tapping into alumni who are willing to spend a few hours making a difference in the GSM community—with students, fellow alumni, faculty and staff. Volunteerism will increase engagement, affinity, communication and connectedness among alumni.