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One of Us or One of My Friends: How Social Identity and Tie Strength Shape the Creative Generativity of Boundary-Spanning Ties
Organization Studies, Nov. 21, 2013

Social ties to colleagues on other work teams can spur creative ideas and workplace innovation by exposing an individual to diverse knowledge. However, for external knowledge to be recombined into innovation, the knowledge must first be recognized as potentially valuable. Going beyond traditional structural explanations, we predict that the use of diverse knowledge to generate creative ideas and solutions will depend in part on employees’ psychological attachment to the organizational groups to which they belong, i.e., their social identity, and the strength of their social ties.

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Can Data Mining Lead to Better Results in the Classroom?

Image of Can Data Mining Lead to Better Results in the Classroom?

Can using common accounting practices, like gathering data and using performance metrics, result in improved student performance?

Professor Shannon Anderson is exploring this question as part of a research project examining the use of a data portal tool created by Aspire Public Schools. The system, known as Schoolzilla, collects raw data from a school’s source systems—including the California State Test and benchmark assessments—and makes it readily available to teachers and administrators in the form of charts, graphs and textual information. The idea is to empower teachers to immediately identify which students are doing well, which are struggling, and to adjust their teaching strategies. The data also will make it possible to evaluate individual or groups of students over the long term.

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New Tool to Measure Consumer Demand

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India’s rapidly expanding middle class and steady increase in household disposable income has attracted the interest of multinational retailers like IKEA, Apple, WalMart and Tesco. But estimating consumer demand has been challenging, says Professor Prasad Naik, and the standard methods being used have proved unreliable.