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Lighting the Way, One Revolution at a Time

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By Marianne Skoczek

Jim Houk and Adam Pettler, both MBA 11, want to revolutionize how cyclists see and are seen at night.

Eighteen months ago, the pair teamed up with Stanford inventor/engineer Kent Frankovich to found Revolights Inc. and develop a wheel-mounted bicycle lighting system that offers optimal nighttime illumination.

Unlike traditional bike lights–which focus primarily in one direction—Revolights casts 360 degrees of light, boosting biker safety by increasing their visibility to drivers.


Steven C. Currall Awards

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Hiring for Experience?
Skills are not the Whole Answer

Image of Hiring for Experience?
Gina Dokko is an Assistant Professor of Management. Her research focuses on organizational theory and behavior, social networks,

When firms decide to branch out into a new area of business, they might feel the need to hire new employees from outside the organization as most hiring managers assume that the best candidates are those who have performed the exact role before. The reasons for that are perfectly sensible—they want an identical skill set so the new hire will hit the ground running.


Category Taken-for-Grantedness as a Strategic Opportunity
The Case of Light Cigarettes, 1964 to 1993

Theories within organizational and economic sociology that center on market categories often equate taken-for-grantedness with increased constraint on category members’ features. In contrast, we develop a novel perspective that considers how market participants’ changing category-related attributions decrease the scrutiny of category offerings, opening up strategic opportunities for firms. We further argue that whether producers should be expected to take advantage of these opportunities depends on the extent to which they are incentivized to do so.


Required Core Courses

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To better meet the evolving management education needs of our students, the UC Davis GSM faculty modified our MBA degree requirements for graduation. For Full-time students enrolled in Fall 2011 and after and Part-time students enrolled in Fall 2014 and after, the IMPACT is a required core course.

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Zero Net Energy
Spring Course Info Session

Get your hands dirty learning about zero net energy and carbon neutrality on-site and in the lab!

Enroll in Zero Net Energy: Principles, Opportunities and Challenges to offset building energy use and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Through lectures, field trips, labs and hands-on projects, students will understand the basic concepts behind designing zero net energy and carbon neutral communities.

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