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2006 UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders
A Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Center for Women and Leadership in partnership with the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Executives is proud to publish the second annual “UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders: A Census of Women Directors and Executive Officers.”

Our study details the presence of women at the very top of the 400 largest publicly held corporations headquartered in the state. Our findings paint a disappointing picture of female representation on the boards and in the executive suites of these high-profile companies.


Professor Michael Maher

Professor Michael Maher and his co-author Professor John Lyon of the Melbourne Business School at University of Melbourne, Australia, had their article titled “The Importance of Business Risk in Setting Audit Fees: Evidence from Cases of Client Misconduct” published in the March 2005 issue of Journal of Accounting Research. The authors extend the literature on litigation and audit fees by analyzing cases that involve business misconduct more generally.


Professor Emeritus Richard Dorf

Professor Emeritus Richard Dorf presented workshops on the creation of sustainable technologies at Arizona State University from January 10-14. The event was sponsored by the College of Science and Applied Technology. The curriculum for the workshop was based on Dorf’s textbook, Technology, Humans, and Society: Towards a Sustainable World (Academic Press: 2001). Workshop participants included graduate students and faculty members in the audience as well as 40 students around the world who joined in the exercises and discussion via a video cast.


Professor Paul Griffin

Professor Paul Griffin teamed up with Professor David Lont of the University of Otago, New Zealand to study the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act on audit fees. Their research paper was recently selected for presentation at the University of Technology, Sydney Summer Research School that will take place February 10-11, 2005. Griffin and Lont calculate that since the passage of the law in July 2002, companies’ actual payments to their auditors have increased substantially.


Professor Donald Palmer

Professor Donald Palmer is an expert on white-collar crime, corporate ethics and social responsibility. His research looks at why otherwise ethical people end up participating in wrongful courses of behavior, more specifically how individuals join wrongful courses of action that are initiated by others. His conclusions are based on basic psychological and social psychological processes that shape human behavior. Palmer brings his research findings to the classroom to apply them to problems of working with and managing others in organizations.


Associate Professor Prasad Naik

To recognize rising stars on campus, UC Davis Chancellor Larry Vanderhoef uses a portion of UC Davis Annual Fund contributions each year to fund the prestigious Chancellor’s Fellows awards, which honor the achievements of outstanding faculty members early in their careers. Associate Professor Prasad Naik, an expert in marketing, was among five campus scholars named as 2004-2005 Chancellor’s Fellows. The fellows receive $25,000 each to put toward their research, teaching and service activities. They also can use the title “Chancellor’s Fellow” for five years.