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Ning Zhu
Dean's Scholar in Finance

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Professor Zhu is currently the Deputy Director and Professor of Finance at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. Prior to joining the faculty of SAIF, Prof. Zhu served as Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis and Special Term Professor at Beijing University.  He also has furthered his academic expertise as Executive Director, Head of Portfolio Advisory, Nomura International (2008-2009) and Senior Vice President, Head of Quantitative Equity Strategies, Lehman Brothers (Asia) in 2008.


Donald A. Palmer
Professor of Management

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Teaching Field: Organizational Behavior

Research Expertise: Organizational behavior, role of power and politics in corporate decision making, causes of organizational wrongdoing

Consulting: Community health needs assessments, group decision-making facilitation

Gallagher Hall
Room 3108H
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Richard C. Dorf
Professor Emeritus of Management and Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Research Expertise: Entrepreneurship, innovation, nonprofits, new ventures, technology management, venture capital

Professor Emeritus Richard Dorf researches and has taught entrepreneurship, innovation management, management of nonprofits, new venture management, venture capital management, and technology policy and technology management. He is a consultant in engineering project development, commercialization, innovation, management and new business ventures. He has taught courses in New and Small Business Ventures, and Sustainable and Responsible Business.

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Room 3411
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Alexander F. McCalla
Professor Emeritus of Management

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Active efforts to organize the Graduate School of Administration, as it was known in 1981, were launched under the leadership of Alexander F. McCalla, professor of agricultural economics and former dean of the UC Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. McCalla was asked to serve as the founding dean of the nascent program from 1979 to 1981. Together with a 13-member planning committee, McCalla was responsible for the School’s initial organization and development.

Social Sciences & Humanities Building
Room 3121
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Hemant Bhargava
Professor of Technology Management

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Research Expertise: Technology management, management information systems, economics of information technology industry, pricing and product design decisions, management decision technologies

Professor Hemant Bhargava is an expert in technology management and the information technology industry. He also studies the use of IT in clinical health care, and has previously worked on data-driven and analytical decision making in organizations.


Andrew B. Hargadon
Professor of Technology Management

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Research Expertise: The effective management of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the development and commercialization of sustainable technologies

Professor Andrew Hargadon has written extensively on knowledge and technology brokering and the role of learning and knowledge management in innovation.

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Room 3316
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