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Stockout Compensation: Joint Inventory and Price Optimization in Electronic Retailing
INFORMS Journal on Computing, 2006

Delays in product availability are common in e-commerce where electronic retailers try to manage with very low inventories. While this lowers inventory costs, the negative effect of increased stockouts is to reduce net demand for the product. in this paper, Professor Hemant Bhargava and co-authors Daewon Sun of the University of Notre Dame and Susan H.


Developing the Process Model of Collective Corruption
Journal of Management Inquiry, 2006

There are two explanations of organizational crime. The dominant one assumes that people make discrete decisions and develop positive dispositions to engage in crime before embarking on criminal behavior. An emerging alternative assumes that people often embark on criminal behavior through a process and without first developing positive dispositions.


Jacks of All Trades and Masters of None: Audiences’ Reactions to Spanning Genres in Feature Film Production
Administrative Science Quarterly, 2006

Through analyses of audience reception of U.S.-produced feature film projects from the period 2000–2003, Associate Professor Greta Hsu develops insight into the trade-off assumed in organizational ecology theory between an organization’s niche width and its fitness.

News Release

Gov. Schwarzenegger Joins California Clean Energy Fund and UC Davis to Launch Premier Energy Efficiency Center

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger visited UC Davis to celebrate a $1 million grant from the California Clean Energy Fund to establish the new UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center, the world’s leading university center of excellence in energy efficiency headed by GSM Associate Professor Andrew Hargadon with GSM alumnus Ben Finkelor as program director.