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University College London Opens New Department

University College London has celebrated the opening of its £11.4m Engineering Front Building in an official ceremony attended by former minister for science, Lord Sainsbury.

Prof Steve Currall, vice-dean of enterprise and head of the Department of Management Science and Innovation, said: ‘We have a vision of UCL as a hub for enterprise and innovation activities and that is why we have made this significant investment.

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Public Perception of Nanotechnology

Steven Currall has looked at people’s willingness to use new commercial products containing nanomaterials. Elizabeth Corley has found that nanotechnology is the first emerging technology where scientists are more concerned about the risks than are the public. Dan Kahan reports on public perception to nanotechnology.

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New Home for Innovation at UCL

More than 20 years ago Steve Currall came to the UK doing a masters at the LSE. Now the American innovation professor is running a UCL department from a brand-new £11 million building.

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Steve Currall addresses Parliamentary Committee on Innovation

Professor Steve Currall, Head of UCL Management Science & Innovation (MSI), last week delivered a presentation to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Innovation, Universities & Skills in Westminster.

In his talk, he discussed the role of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) graduates in developing economic prosperity in the UK. He argued for the development of education programmes for STEM students to develop entrepreneurial and business leadership skills that can be brought to bear in the companies they work for after graduation.


Newberry on Values-based Leadership

Newberry on Values-based Leadership

Stephen Newberry kicks off the Lam Research Leadership Skills Series at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management with talk on values-based leadership. He was appointed president and chief executive officer of Lam Research in June 2005. Prior to joining Lam Research in 1997, Mr. Newberry was group vice president of global operations and planning at Applied Materials, Inc.