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Getting Started in Entrepreneurship

For academic scientists with an idea they think might have commercial potential, figuring out whether and how to move it from the university lab to the marketplace is a formidable challenge.  Andrew Hargadon, the Charles J. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of California, Davis, and director of the university’s Center for Entrepreneurship, offers insight into the process in a series of entries on his blog.

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Roots of Energy Efficiency

Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart, who holds the Chevron Chair in Energy Efficiency, participated in a roundtable discussion on “California’s Smart Energy Investments: Enabling the Next Generation of Energy Efficiency.” View a video of the event, which was moderated by Professor Andrew Hargadon.

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A new route from idea to reality

Professor Hargadon is quoted in Financial Times article about innovation at Apple and the mobile product and services market. What Apple does, he says, “is identify a vision, then assemble the right team to pull that off.” Rather than reorganizing existing assets to try to come up with a new vision, Prof Hargadon says technology companies must have the vision and then assemble the assets needed from outside and inside in order to make it real.

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Absent California Lawmakers Still Take the Money

Image of Absent California Lawmakers Still Take the Money

Professor Kim Elsbach said that in the private sector “it would be unheard-of for someone to miss 17 days when they are expected to be there.” The weak economy tends to prod more private-sector employees to show up for work even if they are sick or could telecommute, she said, because they fear losing their jobs and want to be perceived as hard workers.

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Being There Gives Employees an Edge with Management

Woody Allen famously said, “Eighty percent of success is showing up,” and new research suggests he may have been on to something. This new research by Professor Kimberly Elsbach suggests that your physical presence on the job can add a few percentage points to your perceived value.

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Smart Money Bets On Recovery

A study by Roger M. Edelen, an assistant professor of management at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, with colleagues at Boston College, concluded that institutional investors are less reactive to shifts in market sentiment than retail investors and better at collecting and processing information about future prospects.

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Dress Codes a Minefield for Sacramento-area Employers

“There’s been a million books written on ‘dress for success,’ but there’s still a lot of uncertainty,” said Professsor Kim Elsbach. The Graduate School of Management hosts an etiquette class for incoming students that includes what to wear to work and to business functions. “It really worries students,” Elsbach said — and women bear the brunt of that. “You’d never see (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi wearing last year’s suit. But you’d probably never even know if (Vice President) Joe Biden was wearing a suit that was 10 years out of date.”