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The UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship

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The UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship serves as the nexus for entrepreneurship education and research—and as a springboard for entrepreneurial initiatives on the UC Davis campus.

To accomplish this, the center brings science, engineering and business students and faculty together with experienced entrepreneurs, investors and corporate leaders in an highly collaborative environment that blends effective theory with hands-on participation and solution-driven innovation.

Under the direction of Professor Andrew Hargadon, the center provides researchers and MBA students with the necessary skills, resources and network support to turn their ideas into action. Whether for profit or for social benefit—or both—the center’s programs enable students to envision a better world and make it a reality.


Our Faculty

UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty members are world-class teachers and researchers who received their doctoral training at some of the most prestigious schools in the country, including Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, UC Berkeley, Cornell University and Northwestern University.

They know how academic theory relates to real-world conditions, and they are dedicated to sharing that practical dimension in class. Personal attention characterizes the UC Davis MBA program; faculty members work side-by-side with students and quickly comes to know them individually.

Our faculty is actively engaged in research and publication for leading scholarly journals. Many develop cases, textbooks and other classroom materials, supporting the school-wide emphasis on teaching excellence. They also are deeply involved in the business world through consulting assignments and innovative research, staying on the cutting-edge of management practices of leading U.S. and multinational corporations, nonprofits and public agencies.


The Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility

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The Center for Investor Welfare and Corporate Responsibility advocates for improved corporate practices, educates investors through research and outreach, and better prepare MBA students for today’s global business arena.

Directed by finance Professor Brad M. Barber, an internationally renowned expert on investor psychology and investing, the center draws on the expertise of Graduate School of Management faculty engaged in research related to investor welfare, corporate fraud, white-collar crime, corporate ethics and social responsibility.