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Underground Truths: Shale Won’t Save Us

 On October 16, Foreign Policy published an article written by Ed Morse and Amy Jaffe entitled “The End of OPEC,”. There, they argued that emerging technology and American production of tight oil and gas is revolutionizing the energy industry. This article in The National Interest references the piece and offers a counterpoint to their opinion.

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Lori Miller
Preventing child obesity

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Lori Miller is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the UC Davis Health System, Sacramento campus. She earned a doctor of philosophy in nursing science at the University of Washington, where she concurrently earned an Advanced Practice Environment Health Nursing Certificate.

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Entrepreneurship as a Career

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People often think entrepreneurship is a one-idea, one-shot game: you have a great idea and you pursue it until it makes you rich or makes you run back home. That’s a shame because it keeps people from exploring entrepreneurship as a career. It’s like thinking the only career in music is to be frontman in a rock band. In truth, most entrepreneurs take part in multiple startups before launching their own, and they play many different roles besides the star.