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Student Experience
An intimate, diverse and vibrant environment where learning and relationships flourish

You’ll feel the energy and the camaraderie the moment that you arrive on campus. Experience a class first-hand.

Jane You MBA 14, Product Manager-Analytics, Autodesk Inc.

collaborative environment

UC Davis MBA students have a dual commitment to excel as individuals and to see one another succeed. They:

  • Galvanize teams, motivate classmates and ignite innovative thinking.
  • Challenge and hold each other accountable.
  • Explore fresh approaches shaped by the talents, diversity and creativity of their peers, the campus and the business community. 

“I received wide-ranging support from classmates, alumni and professors—and transformed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined in China. Crossing the world to realize one’s dreams is possible here.”

— Jane You MBA 14

Inclusive & Diverse

The Graduate School of Management prepares results- driven, innovative and agile learners to lead, collaborate—and make a positive impact.

We are committed to building equity, inclusion and diversity across our community, broadening and deepening both the educational experience and the scholarly environment. This emphasis on ethnic, racial, cultural, gender, sexual orientation, geographic, professional and experiential diversity promotes our belief that you learn and grow more when exposed to new ways of thinking and doing business. 

Full-Time MBA Student Experience

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