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Career Development Will Help You Get Ready to Engage
Opportunities for Part-time MBA Students

Congratulations on your admission to the Graduate School of Management!  We are excited to be a partner in helping you achieve your career goals. Your decision to pursue an MBA is a clear statement of your desire to challenge yourself personally and professionally. 

The academic component of the degree is intellectually rigorous and designed to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. The career development component of the program is equally rigorous and challenging, with research, writing, activities and events designed to prepare you for the critical next steps toward expanding your professional network, exploring new industries and functions, testing new skills and abilities, and ultimately securing an exciting new position. 

We look forward to working with you!

Chris Dito
Senior Director, Career Development

Meet the Team

Inger Maher -  Associate Director and Career Counselor
Inger oversees overall operation of Career Development, counsels students through the career development process, and helps them develop their career management skills.  She creates and delivers Career Development Workshops, including self-assessment, resumes and cover letters, job search, interviewing, networking and the Mock Interview Program.
Direct:  530-754-7529

Monica Jones – Associate Director, Employer Relations and Diversity Initiatives
Before joining UC Davis, Monica was the Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition, Diversity & Inclusion at Deloitte implementing early identification and diversity strategies while leading a team of campus recruiting professionals on the West Coast. Additionally, she has worked at Health Net, SAP Labs and Bank of America. Monica graduated from the University of Michigan with a B.A. in psychology. She started her recruiting career in college working on summer residency programs to increase the rate of under-represented students that were attending the University of Michigan.
Direct:  530-752-0606

Angel McCormack – Career Counselor
Since January 2006 Angel has counseled over 600 MBA students and alumni at UC Davis Graduate School of Management. She provides professional career counseling to the Part-time Students in the Bay Area and Sacramento Programs. Cornerstone to her success is the remote style of counseling she pioneered for the busy schedules of the part time populations: a highly effective system of counseling that takes each client through every step of the career development process, including self assessment, marketing materials, networking strategies, job search, interviewing and negotiations.
Direct:  530-752-4003

Lisa Raj-  Career Development Coordinator
Lisa provides primary administrative support for Career Services, including assisting with career fairs, setting up workshops, coordinating Career Services mailings and the weekly newsletter.
Direct:  530-752-5145


Lisa Sanchas – Technology & Operations Manager
Lisa is responsible for technical, analytical and operational support for Career Development. She manages multiple databases and tools to provide accurate and efficient data collection and reporting.
Direct:  530-754-7688


Career Development Services for Part-time MBA Students

When you start your MBA, it’s important to focus on the core classes in your first year. In order to begin working with the Career Development Center, please complete and submit the Career Development registration form.

If you want to get started integrating career development activities into your daily, weekly and monthly routines, here are four activities you can start right now:

  • Engage Your Current Professional Network

    Current colleagues, co-workers, mentors and supervisors can be wonderful resources about YOU, as a professional and colleague. Contact individuals in your network who know you well and seek their feedback and insights about your skills, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Incorporating this information into your thought process will help you craft your resume, write a professional profile, establish your career goals and formulate a job search plan.

  • Update Your Resume

    Take another look at your resume. Make sure it is current and accurately reflects your professional experience to date.

  • Refresh Your Online Presence

    Take time to review all of the different places you and your profile exist online. Be sure to carefully vet your profile. Refresh your profile to make sure it is current and accurately reflects who you are as an individual and as a professional.
  • Prepare an Elevator Pitch About You

    The ability to talk about one’s skills, abilities, interests and goals in a concise, persuasive and easy-going manner takes knowledge of self, focus, and practice – lots of practice. Use this helpful, interactive guide from Harvard Business School to build your pitch!