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An Extraordinary Place
Few places match UC Davis’ central location, lifestyle and opportunities in the economic and entrepreneurial heart of California

Sweet Spot

UC Davis’ prime location on the corridor linking Sacramento, the state capital, and the San Francisco Bay Area creates endless opportunities.

You’ll have quick access to established Fortune 500 firms, the global technology industry, Pacific Rim trade, new startups and a financial ecosystem of venture capital and international banking. Ten of the Fortune 100 are headquartered in Northern California, including Apple, Hewlett-Packard, Chevron and Wells Fargo.

You’ll benefit from our connections and networks in Silicon Valley—and in the Sacramento region, where progressive energy and climate change policy is rippling well beyond the world’s eighth-largest economy and home to one of the nation’s top clean-tech hubs.

Campus Matters

UC Davis is making an exemplary commitment to sustainability and the kind of world I would like to leave for my children and their children.

Amy Myers Jaffe,
UC Davis Executive Director of Energy and Sustainability

Your MBA experience is enhanced by being part of the University of California, Davis, one of the world’s leading research universities.

UC Davis is recognized globally for its expertise in the converging issues of food, water, health, society, energy and the environment. Since the university’s founding, faculty and students have worked across disciplines to generate new discoveries. Today this collaborative culture flourishes, fostering an academic environment dedi-cated to solving the world’s most critical challenges.

The Graduate School of Management is an active partner, collaborating and serving as a catalyst to accelerate technology transfer and commercialization.