General information

“One-Way” Exchanges
International Exchange Program

The Graduate School of Management is finding that more students of diverse interests and backgrounds are eager to study abroad but do not want to be limited to the schools with which the Graduate School of Management currently has exchange agreements. In response to this, the Graduate School of Management has developed a process by which it would be possible for Graduate School of Management students to participate in a special one-time exchange for the fall quarter of their second year of study.

It is suggested that students interested in participating in this type of exchange should start contacting the host institution in the fall quarter of their first year to ask about the possibilities of studying for the following fall quarter as a visiting student. If selected, students pay the host school tuition and fees directly to the host institution in addition to a small portion of the Graduate School of Management professional school fee.

Important things to consider

  • Program: Are the schools you are considering comparable to the caliber of the Graduate School of Management program? See the School’s Exchange Coordinator for possible suggestions of schools to research.
  • Timeline: You will need to finish your studies and return to the Graduate School of Management by the end of December for Winter quarter courses.
  • Fees: How much more will you be paying to study at the host university (than you have been paying as a Graduate School of Management student)? Do you have the financial resources to afford to “visit” this school?
  • Courses: Does the school offer courses that interest you? Do they fit in with your long term goals?
  • Language of Instruction: Are courses taught in English or the native language?

Policies and Procedures

If you wish to do a one-way exchange in the fall, please make note of the following procedures:

  • Contact and get approval from the host institution.
    Contact the host school to find out if it is possible for you to study there in the fall quarter of your second year. Ask them for their term’s start and end dates and the business classes that you would be eligible to take. Ask them about their fee policy and procedures for visiting students.  (As a one-way exchange student, you pay fees directly to the host school, NOT to UC Davis.)  You will still be required to pay 50% of the fall quarter professional school fee in addition to the fees assessed by the host school.  This fee maintains your status as a registered UC Davis student.
  • Keep a copy of all correspondence between you and the host institution.
    In your application package, you will be required to include documentation from the host institution that clearly states their approval of the one-way exchange.
  • Submit your Graduate School of Management International Exchange Program Application.
    Include your study plan, listing the classes you plan to take, signed by the Graduate School of Management Assistant Dean and the Graduate Advisor.
  • Pay the UC Davis professional fee and register for the MGT 299 course.
    If selected to go abroad, you will need to pay 50% of one quarter’s worth of the professional fee and enroll in the MGT 299 before the end of Spring quarter. Student Services will provide you with the CRN to register for your MGT 299.
  • Submit course descriptions and an official transcript.
    Once you return from your study abroad, submit an official course description for each class you took and an official transcript to the Graduate School of Management Student Services Office.  We will use this information in order to get the units you took abroad credited to your UC Davis transcript.