General information

Selection Criteria
International Exchange Program

When selecting exchange program candidates, the committee considers what would be best for the student’s educational experience and who would be a good representative of the Graduate School of Management to the host institution.

A student’s selection will be based on the following:

  • Academic achievement at the Graduate School of Management
  • Academic goals and motivation
  • Language ability (if required)
  • Applicant’s basic familiarity with the culture, history, geography, and current events of the prospective host country
  • Ability to successfully adapt to a different environment and a new educational system

Due to the relatively small size of the Graduate School of Management, up to 4 students a year are selected to study abroad. All applicants will be notified of a decision no later than 4 weeks after the application deadline. 

If selected, we will provide you with information as to what you need to do next to prepare for your studies abroad. 

Applicants may also be chosen as “conditional selectees” or “alternates” in case one of those selected withdraws from the program. We will notify you immediately of any change in your status.