General information

Teaching Assistant/Reader Information

The Graduate School of Management Teaching Assistant, Reader/Grader positions open to graduate students. Teaching Assistants and Reader qualifications and responsibilities for positions we generally have open are listed below. Students will be notified via email when positions become available.


A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is required to hold an academic appointment. TAship appointments, above 25% and not exceeding 50% time, provide partial remission of in-state fees. This policy is reviewed for renewal each year.

MGT 11 A & B TA position:

Applicants must have a strong background in accounting or have completed MGT 200A, Financial Accounting with a B+ or better.

MGT 160 TA position:

Applicants must have had a B+ or better in MGT 205, Financial Theory and Policy.

MGT 180 TA position:

Applicants must have  had course work in Economic Modeling.

MGT 200A TA position:


MGT 203 TA position:


MGT 251 TA position:


MGT 264 TA position:


MGT 268 TA position:



Teaching assistants are responsible for conducting discussion sections, holding office hours, and grading homework. It is TA’s responsibility to participate in regular class as well as his/her discussion section. This rule guarantees that there would be no problem in sharing in proctoring and grading exams, sharing responsibility equally among fellow TAs. You will be asked to administer midterms and finals for lecture and be asked to hold extra office hours during midterms/finals.  MGT 11B TA’s will be asked to lead 3 discussion sections, all other positions will be asked to lead 2 discussion sections.

The title Reader is given to a graduate or undergraduate student appointed for the ability to render diverse services as a “course assistant,” which will normally include the grading of student papers and examinations. A Reader will not be assigned the responsibilities of leading discussion or laboratory sections.

Salary and Benefits

All reader appointments will receive $13.49 per hour worked.

A 50% teaching assistant appointment receives $1,961.67 monthly stipend.
A 25% teaching assistant appointment receives $980.83 monthly stipend.

Teaching assistants appointment of 25% or higher receive a fee remission*, expect for courses taken in Summer Sessions. Teaching Assistants appointed to Summer Sessions are appointed by the Office of Summer Sessions.  There are no fee remissions offered for any student academic appointment during the Summer.

Fee Remission includes Education and Registration fees as well as Health Insurance. Please note: Students in self-supporting degree programs (i.e., Sacramento and Bay Area MBA, and the Master of Professional Accounting) do not receive the fee remission benefit.