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Alumni Relations

Alumni Awards Committee

Established in 2003, each year the Alumni Association recognizes two GSM graduates who embrace our core values of passionate, energetic leadership, and a continued advocacy of team building and service. Committee of approximately eight work together to conduct research on alumni award nominees; attend one meeting/year; attend event where winners are recognized. (Time commitment 4-6 hrs/year.)

Student Fellowship Awards Committee

The Graduate School of Management’s Alumni Association annually awards fellowships to one student from each of the School’s MBA programs—Daytime, Sacramento and Bay Area. The students receive a cash gift that is applied toward the cost of their education. As a committee member, you will review student nominations and participate in 1-2 conference calls. (Time commitment 3-4 hrs/year.)

Fundraising Committee: Class Agent

Serve as a class ambassador to share school updates and Annual Giving messaging. Work closely with Alumni Relations Board Fundraising Chair. Expectation is to send four emails (coordinated with GSM email solicitations) and/or contact classmates by phone. (Time commitment: 4-6 hrs/year.)

Career Services

Networking Cocktail

Date: September 21
Time: 4:00 – 6:00 pm (tentative)

  • Alumni will meet with incoming and current students, providing structured feedback. (Rating Matrix will be provided)
  • Structured Feedback will be in the form of a networking card(s) that up to 5 students will provide to you during the cocktail event.
  • A brief overview of the cards/structure of feedback will be sent to you prior to the event.

Information Sessions

Sponsor an information session on campus or trek to your company. Promote your benefits and engage our students prior to interview schedules. (Year-round)

Career Fair

We welcome you to represent your employer at our annual Spring MBA Career fair, held on our San Ramon campus. This is an excellent opportunity to engage our MBA talent from both our Daytime and part-time programs in a boutique fair setting. (Date: February 26, 2016. Time commitment: 2-4 hours.)


  • Meet with candidates for information interviews. (Time commitment: approx. 1 hour per interview. Frequency: as needed)
  • Talk with candidates via phone or email about your experiences at and after the GSM.  (Time commitment: approx. 1 hour. Frequency: as needed)
  • Join the Admissions team at an MBA Fair to share your experiences. MBA Fairs take place July through February of each year. These fairs are worldwide. (Time commitment: 2-4 hours.)
  • Join the Admissions team at an Return On Investment (ROI) event and share what the UC Davis MBA has done for you. There is one ROI event in Sacramento and one in the Bay Area each year. The fairs usually are typically scheduled in February. (Time commitment: 2-4 hours, during the evening.) 
  • Join our Admissions team at an admitted students dinner and share your UC Davis MBA experiences. These events take place in March, April, May and July each year. They are held in Davis, Sacramento and the Bay Area. (Time Commitment: approx. 3 hours, during the  evening.)

Big Bang! Business Competition

The Big Bang! Business Plan Competition encourages the commercialization of promising ideas emerging from UC Davis’s strong technology tradition, and builds mutually beneficial relationships between the university and the regional entrepreneurial community. It also provides aspiring entrepreneurs in the UC Davis student and alumni communities with invaluable access to a network of resources for mentorship, team creation, education and new venture financing.


As a mentor, you will work with one of the semi-finalist teams, offering guidance in the formulation of their business plan and providing real-world insights on the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan and the team that is developing it. Semi-finalist teams will have already passed the first Business Summary round, and will have been screened by judges to ensure that there is a viable business idea. (Time commitment: up to 1hour per week from the beginning of March through the end of April. You may meet with your team once a month or more frequently, meeting in person, by phone or through email, depending on your schedule and time constraints.)


Review business summary plans for first round of the Big Bang! Rate participant entries on set criteria and help the top teams advance to the next round. This opportunity can be done remotely, via computer.