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Career Development Handbook for MPAc Students

Part I: Overview & Mutual Expectations

The Graduate School of Management and Career Development staff work diligently to develop career and internships opportunities, provide contacts with local, regional, national and international companies, and implement programming designed to enhance your job or internship search knowledge and abilities. It is expected that you will take individual responsibility for your career development and job search. You should be working assertively on career management from the beginning of the fall quarter. You must be proactive.

In order to use the services of the Career Development Center, all students are required to complete all of the following as explained in detail in Part II of the MPAc Career Development Handbook:

  1. Complete the Summer Webinar Series and corresponding assignments
  2. Attend orientation Career Development workshops and events
  3. Adhere to on campus interview protocol and professional conduct

These requirements will provide students with a foundation for their job search and assure they receive the maximum benefit from services and resources available. It is necessary to complete all requirements and remain in good academic standing in order to utilize Career Development during your tenure at the GSM.

What You Can Expect From Career Development

You have just read some of our expectations of you. Now we want to let you know what you can expect from us. We will:

  • Work with you in a professional and ethical manner
  • Be available to discuss your individual concerns, career development strategy, and job search processes
  • Provide you with opportunities to meet employers regarding career positions.
  • Provide the latest organizational information, resources, and training programs in job search strategy and career management
  • Keep conversations, statistics, and career management records confidential, and only release them with your consent or in aggregate form (Submission of a resume to the resume book or for a resume referral is implied consent to the release of information contained in the resume.)
  • Be sensitive to your needs, interested in your suggestions, and flexible enough to adapt our operations to accommodate them

The tight-knit size of the Graduate School of Management’s MPAc program allows for a great deal of interaction between students and the Career Development staff. We will work closely together to help you develop the career plan and job search strategy that is right for you. We are dedicated to assisting you and look forward to a close and productive working relationship during your year at the GSM.


Part II: Student Requirements & Procedures

Summer Webinar Series & Assignments

Entering MPAc students are required to complete the summer Webinar Series & Assignments prior to attending orientation in September. These webinars are housed on the UC Davis SmartSite. You will use your UC Davis Kerberos ID and Passphrase to access the course on SmartSite. If you have not set up your UC Davis email/Kerberos ID, you will need to go here before you can begin. Once logged in, click on “My Sites” then “CD Course – MPAc 2013.”

There are nine webinars with accompanying assignments:

  1. Introduction
  2. Self-Assessment
  3. Resume Guidelines
  4. Cover Letter Guidelines
  5. Networking
  6. Job Search
  7. Informational Interviewing
  8. Interviewing
  9. Symplicity

In order to be best prepared for Orientation and fall recruiting events, we ask that you complete the webinars and corresponding assignments by the middle of August.

On-Campus Interviewing: Protocol & Professional Conduct

While maintaining established relationships with large and small employers throughout the United States, Career Development develops new recruiting relationships reflecting changing student interest and current hiring trends. These relationships create a wide variety of career employment opportunities.

All on-campus interview schedules and their respective resume deadlines will be posted on the Symplicity calendar and announced in the Career Development and MPAc Newsletters. Reminders may also be sent out via e-mail. You will apply online through Symplicity for the GSM on-campus interviews. Please check-in with the receptionist in Student Affairs to let him/her know you have arrived on time for your interview(s).

Interview Guidelines

Interviews are important part of your job search strategy. We expect that you will participate in a highly professional and ethical manner. We know we can count on you to:

  1. Not use on-campus interviewing for “practice”
  2. Pursue only those positions in which you have a genuine interest
  3. Respond to all invitations (in a timely manner) from companies inviting you to sign up on a pre-selected interview schedule, even if the response is to decline the interview
  4. Show up on time and well prepared for all scheduled interviews
  5. Give an honest and complete account of your work experience and education on your resume and truthfully answer relevant questions from interviewers
  6. Discontinue your job search and notify all other potential employers after you have accepted an offer for an internship or career position
  7. Honor all “accepted” career agreements made in writing and/or verbally
  8. Remain in good academic standing
Honoring Interivew Appointments

Twenty-four hour notice is required to cancel a scheduled interview.

If under extraordinary circumstances (car failure, sudden illness, death in the family), you are unable to participate in an on-campus interview, you should call Career Development at (530) 752-7658 as soon as possible.


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