2016 Leadership Fellows Program Workshops

As a participant in the UC Davis MBA Leadership Fellows Program, you are required to attend at least 2 of the additional workshops offered as part of the program curriculum. In addition to the first two sessions (Introduction to the UC Davis MBA Leadership Fellows Program & 360° Assessment Results and Leadership Development Planning), you can choose to attend 2, 3, or 4 of the additional workshops, designed specifically to help you more deeply understand leadership, build self-awareness and strengthen leadership capabilities.

After completing your 360° assessment, you will have the opportunity to complete the yearlong program by attending your choice of sessions from a series of targeted workshops where you work closely with your leadership coach and fellow students to develop your leadership skills in the four focus areas of the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model

Workshop Schedule for 2016

Workshop 3: Thought Competencies Workshop

Presented by Joanne Bethlahmy
Sunday, March 6 from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Gallagher Hall, Davis

Joanne Bethlahmy is a Lecturer for UCD GSM in Strategy. She has 30 years of management consulting and marketing management experience with Accenture, Cisco, PepsiCo and Maybelline. Joanne has worked with large and small companies on growth strategies, digital innovation and new product development.

In this, the first in our LFP workshop series, Joanne will discuss tools and techniques related to the Thought Competencies of the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model. Hitting on the key topic clusters of understanding the business, making complex decisions and creating the new and different, she will work with students to more deeply engage with the competency needed to be success in these areas: Business Insight, Customer Focus, Manages Complexity, Decision Quality, Cultivates Innovation and Strategic Mindset.

Specifically, Joanne will focus on Customer Focus: The Ultimate Decision Quality and Innovation Tool
Business, especially in Silicon Valley, is littered with uncompelling pitches and failed products. Very often, these efforts are the result of a lack of true customer focus. A bred-in-the-bone identification with the customer (whether that’s an end consumer, business customer, or an internal function) is the ultimate tool for making complex decisions and creating successful innovations. This workshop has been designed to give students tips and tools to be successful in that arena.


Workshop 4: People Competencies Workshop

Presented by Shadan Deleveaux
Sunday, May 15 from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
San Ramon

Shadan Deleveaux is a dynamic public speaker who leads impactful career focused workshops for college and graduate students as well as young professionals. As a respected career strategist, he has presented to audiences at some of the top universities across the country. While many career readiness efforts are geared toward securing jobs, Shadan recognized a huge void when it comes to understanding the true nuance of corporate success. Through his work, Shadan focuses on what he calls Corporate Culture Intelligence (CCI), a culmination of his acute knowledge of various corporate cultures.
Shadan holds an undergraduate degree in Philosophy from the University of Rochester and a Master’s in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. During his work as Director of Talent Acquisition for L’Oreal USA, Shadan discovered his passion for helping young professionals decode corporate culture – the unspoken rules and expectations that often limit or derail the career trajectory of even the brightest employees. After spending more than a decade in corporate America in multiple functions including Marketing, Business Development and Talent Acquisition at some of the top consumer goods companies in the world such as Nestle, Purina and Colgate Palmolive, Shadan has developed the expertise necessary to help others navigate their own corporate climb.
Shadan created and continues to write the ‘Ultimate Guide to Not Screwing Up Your Career’ blog on Tumblr. He is a member of Fortune Magazine’s Leadership Insider Network and regularly contributes career advice articles on Fortune.com. He co-founded Technology for Families in Need (TechFIN), a not-for-profit created to help close the digital divide for low-income families. He is also an amateur photographer. His advice and photographs have appeared in publications including Ebony magazine and the Examiner.com. Follow him on Twitter: @shadandeleveaux

In this, the second in our LFP workshop series, Shadan will discuss tools and techniques related to the People Competencies of the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model. Hitting on the key topic clusters of building collaborative relationships, optimizing diverse talent and influencing people, he will work with students to more deeply engage with the competency needed to be success in these areas: Collaborates, Manages Conflict, Interpersonal Savvy, Builds Networks, Values Differences, Builds Effective Teams, Communicates Effectively, Drives Engagement and Drives Vision and Purpose.


Workshop 5: Results Competencies Workshop

Presented by Michael Mielke & Roberto Sequeira
Sunday, July 24 from 4:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Gallagher Hall, Davis

Mr. Sequeira’s unique talent and passionate disposition has fueled his rise as an extraordinary entrepreneur with his latest venture being the successful launch of the world’s first and ultimate luxury cocktail ice brand, Glace Luxury Ice. Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Mr. Sequeira has crisscrossed the world where he constantly expands his range of cultural experiences and inspirations. He now resides in California, where he balances the demands of a brilliant career with the laughter and intimacy of family and friends. He credits his warm and optimistic personality to his parents influence and many life-long friendships which have contributed to his embodiment of the American success story. Roberto approaches his life as passionately as he does work. His humor, intelligence and fine-tuned aesthetic instincts shine through all of his endeavors. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and connoisseur of the finest things the world has to offer. He has spent over a decade in management of multi-million dollar projects, positioning him as the perfect candidate to lead Glace Luxury Ice. Mr. Sequeira holds an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the California State University of Fresno.

Dr. Michael Mielke is Director of Engineering for Lumentum, a global electrical / electronic manufacturing company in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to this, Dr. Mielke worked at the Micro Processing Program Manager for TRUMPF North America, where he managed the company’s Micro Processing business in North America and at Raydiance, Inc. as their Chief Scientist. In this position, he played a leading role in creating the global ultrafast laser market in the consumer electronics, automotive parts, and medical device manufacturing sectors.  Dr. Mielke actively supports the technology entrepreneurship community by coaching, judging and speaking for events like SPIE’s Start-Up Challenge, Plug and Play EXPO, the Collegiate Inventors Competition, and the UC Entrepreneurship Academy. 
Dr. Mielke has been awarded 15 patents, has published 20 journal articles, and has performed more than 50 technical presentations at major conferences around the world.  In 2014, he was given the Professional Achievement Award from the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida.  Dr. Mielke is Chair of the Public Policy Committee for the Optical Society (OSA) and is Associate Editor for the IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics.  He is a Senior Member of OSA and SPIE, and he has served on the program committees for Photonics West, ASSL, CLEO and ICALEO.  Dr. Mielke earned his BS in Physics from the University of Florida and his PhD in Optics from CREOL at the University of Central Florida. 

In this, the third in our LFP workshop series, Mike and Roberto will discuss real life examples related to the Results Competencies of the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model. Hitting on the key topic clusters of managing execution and focusing on performance, they will work with students to more deeply engage with the competency needed to be success in these areas: Plans & Aligns and Drives Results.


Workshop 6: Self Competencies Workshop

Presented by Kimberly D. Elsbach
Sunday, November 6 from 4:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Kimberly D. Elsbach is Professor of Management, Stephen G. Newberry Chair in Leadership, and Associate Dean for Instruction at the Graduate School of Management, University of California, Davis.  She is also an International Research Fellow at the Center for Corporate Reputation, Oxford University, and the co-founder and organizer of the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research. Kim’s research focuses on perception – specifically how people perceive each other and their organizations.  She has studied these perceptual processes in variety of contexts ranging from the California cattle industry, and the National Rifle Association, to Hollywood screenwriters. She is currently studying how crying at work affects perceptions of professional women and why fans identify with NASCAR.

In this, the fourth in our LFP workshop series, Kim will discuss tools and techniques related to the Self Competencies of the UC Davis MBA Leadership Competency Model. Hitting on the key topic clusters of being authentic, being open and being flexible and adaptable, she will work with students to more deeply engage with the competency needed to be success in these areas: Courage, Instills Trust, Demonstrates Self-Awareness, Manages Ambiguity, Nimble Learning and Being Resilient.

Specifically, Kim will focus on Trust & Leadership. The 3 hour workshop will introduce participants to the topic of leader trustworthiness.  Using exercises, videos, and case studies, the workshop will help participants to understand (a) why being trusted is essential to leadership effectiveness, (b) how their current trust relationships reveal individual propensities for building specific types of trust (e.g., competence-based trust vs. contractual-based trust), © how trustworthiness is demonstrated by leaders, and (d) how leaders can undermine their trustworthiness through behavior and communication.  The workshop uses Roger Mayer’s well-known model of trustworthiness that is based on the constructs of integrity, competence, and benevolence, as well as the facilitator’s extensive experience researching trustworthiness among business leaders.