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A passion for teaching excellence

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Our distinguished professors’ depth of knowledge and personal attention form the foundation of your UC Davis MPAc experience. Relationships take root and thrive in our collaborative learning environment.

Image of AcademicsYou’ll learn from experts in their fields, thought leaders who are developing innovative solutions for today’s business challenges. Through their pioneering research, teaching and consulting work, our faculty helps shape the management practices of leading U.S. and multinational corporations, nonprofits and public agencies—and the global markets they operate in.

Our professors are leading-edge scholars who trained at top schools, including Stanford University, the University of Southern California, MIT, the Wharton School, Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Cornell University and Northwestern University. Through a powerful combination of case studies, seminars, guest speakers, simulations and team projects, they turn complex concepts into actionable tools you will use throughout your career.

In our small classes you’ll build strong connections with your professors. They will know you by name and work with you to meet your goals.

We combine the intimate learning experience of a small liberal arts college with the opportunities of a premier public research university known for harnessing the power of interdisciplinary collaboration.

– Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart

Courses by Quarter*


ACC 201 Financial Reporting
ACC 211 Tax Reporting and Analysis 
ACC 241 Auditing and the Accounting Profession
ACC 271 Accounting Ethics


ACC 203 Intermediate Financial Reporting
ACC 213 Intermediate Tax Reporting and Analysis
ACC 251 Managerial Accounting and Controls
ACC 261 Communications for Professional Accountants


ACC 205 Advanced Financial Reporting
ACC 215 Advanced Tax Reporting and Analysis 
ACC 231 Analysis and Use of Accounting Reports 
ACC 243 Auditing and Attestation Services

*Subject to change based upon faculty discretion

Faculty Spotlights

MPAc Curriculum

Image of Robert Yetman

Robert Yetman
Professor Of Management

Course Taught

Tax Reporting and Analysis

Research Expertise

Corporate tax, income tax, U.S. and international financial accounting, nonprofit accounting and tax issues and international financial accounting, nonprofit accounting and tax issues

“Now, more than ever, transparent and proper accounting disclosures are important for the functioning of markets. Accountants are the trusted ‘score keepers’ relied upon by so many to provide accurate and truthful information. I seek to instill this sense of larger social obligation into my students, to teach them not only the technical accounting rules, but also where those rules came from and why they matter.”

Image of Will Snyder

Will Snyder
Executive Director, Master of Professional Accountancy Program

Courses Taught

Auditing and the Accounting Profession
Intermediate Tax Reporting and Analysis
Advanced Tax Reporting and Analysis

Areas of Expertise

Financial and tax accounting

To be a successful accountant, you have to be a dynamic person, a global thinker. Our program is re-defining graduate accounting education, and I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge and experience with our students, motivating them to learn, understand and ultimately thrive.

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