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Financial Times Ranks UC Davis MBA Program among the Top 10% Worldwide
UC Davis Graduate School of Management, No. 1 for Percentage of Female Faculty (2011)

(Davis, CA) — For the second consecutive year, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management is ranked among the top 10 percent of accredited business schools in the world and is No. 1 for the percentage of women faculty, according to the latest Financial Times’ Global MBA ratings.

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UC Davis GSM Study Finds E-medical Records Have Varying Effects on Productivity

The introduction of electronic medical records in hospitals and clinics — dubbed the “silver bullet” of health care reform — appears to have varying effects on different types of primary care physicians, a UC Davis GSM study led by Professor Hemant Bhargava has found.

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UC Davis Green Technology Entrepreneurship Academy Accelerating Successful Start-Ups in Sustainability

At the invitation of the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship, nearly 50 scientists, researchers and engineers from more than 20 universities have gathered this week for a series of seminars and workshops on how to launch a successful green-tech company. All of the sessions at the Tahoe Center for Environmental Research in Incline Village are open to the media.

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UC Davis Study: Telecommuting Can Be Hazardous to Your Career

Working from home has many advantages. By cutting out the commute, employees can save money, boost productivity and reduce their carbon footprint. But there is one significant drawback GSM Professor Kimberly Elsbach has discovered: Telecommuting can be hazardous to your career.

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Professor Nicole W. Biggart Named Chevron Chair in Energy Efficiency

UC Davis announced the appointment of Professor Nicole Woolsey Biggart to the Chevron Chair in Energy Efficiency. The Chevron Chair directs the UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center in its mission to accelerate the commercialization of energy-efficiency technologies, teach future leaders in energy efficiency and conduct critical policy-supporting research.

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Small Investors Could Be Big Losers Under Federal Climate Change Legislation

(Davis, CA) — Small investors could be big losers if a greenhouse gas reduction plan known as cap and trade becomes law and accounting standards for carbon credits have not been established, according to a new study released today by a University of California, Davis, professor.

In an analysis of pending federal legislation and accounting practices, UC Davis management professor Paul Griffin determined that U.S. companies would receive up to $36 billion in climate change allowances next year under provisions of a bill the U.S. House of Representatives passed last year.

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Tiger Woods Scandal Cost Shareholders up to $12 Billion

(Davis, CA) — Shareholders of Nike, Gatorade and other Tiger Woods sponsors lost a collective $5 to $12 billion in the wake of the scandal involving his extramarital affairs, according to a new study by researchers at the University of California, Davis.

The losses are separate from – and potentially much larger than – damage to Woods’ own earnings.

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$2 Million Gift to Spark Entrepreneurship at UC Davis

The UC Davis Graduate School of Management has $2 million in new seed money to spark entrepreneurship in California, thanks to a gift from the estate of Charles J. Soderquist, a UC Davis alumnus who founded and led several dozen high-tech companies in the greater Sacramento area.

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Stepping Back in Time: Former Deans Pen Histories of School

From its earliest days—indeed, during the many years between conception and founding—the Graduate School of Management has been a case study of turning ideas into action.

As UC Davis celebrated its centennial anniversary in 2009, GSM founding Dean Alex McCalla and former Dean Robert Smiley penned their perspectives about the Graduate School of Management’s early years and near three decades of growth.

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