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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News

In the News

Liquefied Natural Profits

Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability for UC Davis, writes that as a large consuming nation, the United States should insist that cross investment be a critical part of an overall framework that keeps all markets open to global trade and investment, including access to U.S. markets, in non-oil commodities, financial services and other goods.

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California Passes First Legislation to Encourage More Women on Boards

For the past eight years, Watermark, in partnership with the University of California, Davis, has conducted the Study of California Women Business Leaders, a census and report on the status of women on boards and in top positions in Fortune 400 companies in California. In this Huffington Post blog, Marilyn Nagel, CEO of Watermark discusses the step that Resolution 62 takes, urging California companies to have equitable and diverse gender representation.

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What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know

The bigger challenge with innovation is not coming up with new ideas, but rather putting yourself in the right position to see what’s already out there and bring it together in a way that works for you, according to UC Davis Graduate School of Management Professor Andrew Hargadon as part of his series for Capital Public Radio.

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Legislator Calls for More California Companies to Put Women on Their Boards

Prompted by our eight years of research on women business leaders in California, California becomes the first state in U.S. to urge more women on corporate boards. State Senate passed Senate Concurrent Resolution 62 by 30-6 vote. Dean Currall and Researcher Amanda Kimball are cited.

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Facebook Exec Sheryl Sandberg to Kick off ‘Women’s Voices’ Lecture Series Today in Sacramento

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who turns 44 next week, authored a book, “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,” that’s been praised as empowering and attacked as elitist in encouraging women to speak up and advance their careers.

That message will be part of her talk today in Sacramento, where Sandberg is the inaugural speaker in “Women’s Voices,” a lecture series hosted by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus, a bipartisan group of 31 female legislators from the state Senate and Assembly.

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Why Men Are In Danger In This Market And What They Can Do About It

While men currently exhibit a higher level of investment knowledge, it’s been outweighed by the women’s emotional advantages when it comes to investment management. This article in Forbes offers some options that men can consider to avoid the effect of “testosterone overload” when it comes to investment management. Professor Barber’s research is cited.

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Study: Cheaters Pressured to Cheat, on a Bike or Wall Street

If you think you and your office colleagues are far removed from the deviant behavior of the cheating, dope-using Tour de France cyclists, you might want to think again.

A new study by Professor Don Palmer found that those elite cyclists using performance-enhancing drugs are not unlike Wall Street traders who cheat. Both types of cheaters do so “because of extreme pressure to perform,” according to a news release.

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