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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News

In the News

Are Women Entrepreneurs Breaking Into the Boys’ Club?

It’s a common charge — Silicon Valley is “a boys’ club.” However, it’s not just a spurious claim. A 2011 University of California, Davis, study, entitled “California Women Business Leaders,” shows that “women hold 1 in 9 of the top corporate spots” in the state’s 400 largest companies. And according to a report at SFGate: “Silicon Valley is the most male-dominated of any region. In last year’s study, of the 113 firms in [the area], 42 had no women on the board of directors or in the top five highest-compensated positions.”

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Image of Will This Study Swing The Presidential Election?

Will This Study Swing The Presidential Election?
With the Presidential election so close and days away, a new University of California study could have an impact.

Imagine finding a relationship between company managers’ political contributions, voluntary disclosure and increased shareholder value?  The study by the University of California Davis’s research team led by Paul Griffin ‘show positive results by documenting a significant association between corporate political contributions and excess stock return’.   Basically, Democratic managers of companies that contribute to Democratic political campaigns that voluntarily disclose their CSR activities enjoy a 4.5% positive mean excess return over a three-month period.  The research

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Councilman Schenirer: City’s Business Climate Must Improve

Following the closure of two large businesses – and after years of financial instability – Sacramento City Hall is talking about changing its business culture.

Councilman Jay Schenirer today unveiled a list of proposals aimed at improving the city’s economic condition. Schenirer was flanked by regional business leaders, three council members, City Manager John Shirey and Mayor Kevin Johnson.

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Image of NOCs: Need for energy is driving force behind global thirst for assets

NOCs: Need for energy is driving force behind global thirst for assets

Many of the national oil companies have “become more nimble in the last decade,” agrees Amy Myers Jaffe, executive director of energy and sustainability at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. She says that “investor scrutiny” faced by government-led companies raising funds from international financial markets has “corporaised them.”

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Image of They Work Long Hours, but What About Results?

They Work Long Hours, but What About Results?

Firms that bill by the hour are not alone in emphasizing hours over results. For a study published most recently in 2010, three researchers, led by Kimberly D. Elsbach, a professor at the University of California, Davis, interviewed 39 corporate managers about their perceptions of their employees. The managers viewed employees who were seen at the office during business hours as highly “dependable” and “reliable.” Employees who came in over the weekend or stayed late in the evening were seen as “committed” and “dedicated” to their work.

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Point Person
Our Q and A with energy expert Amy Jaffe

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is shaping up to becoming one of the worst environmental disasters in U.S. history, so we asked Amy Jaffe, a renowned energy expert at Rice University, to share her thoughts on oil industry safety and the political and business challenges. A Princeton University graduate in Arabic studies, her research has focused on oil geopolitics and strategic energy policy.

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