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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News

In the News

Work From Home and You Might Miss a Raise

Everyone dreams of the advantages of working from home: the additional flexibility; the time saved by not commuting (or getting dressed!); the ability to slip out to run an errand with the boss none the wiser. Whether the arrangement ultimately benefits the employer depends on the individual worker, of course. But new research shows that, regardless of the reality, the perception of telecommuting leads at-home workers to get smaller raises, fewer promotions, and lower performance reviews.

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Is Lunch a Waste of Time — or a Productivity Booster?

It’s 1:30 p.m. on a weekday, and Yen Ha and Michi Yanagishita have left their office to munch hot dogs and French fries at one of the oldest bars in New York. Elsewhere in the city harried professionals are sitting at their desks and shoveling food into their mouths while they write memos or reply to emails. But Yen and Michi do not care. They are out to lunch, and they don’t feel guilty about it.

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Slow Down! How “Slow Work” Makes Us More Productive

Many of us lament the dramatic contrast between our vacations and the faster pace of our work lives, but are generally remiss to change because of feelings of career vulnerability or weakness that we fear it could project. However it is increasingly clear that our personal and professional lives stand to benefit from change that eases these mounting pressures and strains. It is time to embrace “slow work.”

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Note to investment advisers: women are your future

When Rachel Smith met with her first financial adviser, he talked to her like she was five years old. “He was an older guy who was very condescending, and saw me as a young, inexperienced woman who didn’t know anything.” Fortunately, that kind of treatment is becoming less common, as financial advisers wake up to the fact that women control a lot of money and make good clients.

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Hiring Picks Up for Accounting, but Industry Faces Stereotypes

This fall, the University of California-Davis is launching one of only two UC master’s degrees in accountancy, and part of the university’s mission is to jettison the old notions about the profession.

“Accounting is way beyond the Dark Ages of the green eyeshade,” said Will Snyder, executive director of UC-Davis’ new program. “You have to be a dynamic person, a global thinker. … Accounting can be very creative and a good way to make a difference.”

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Personal Finance: Accounting degree opens job possibilities

Wanna be a boring accountant? It’s not the mind-numbing, number-crunching career that many assume, as many recent college graduates can attest. This feature dives into hiring trends and projections to reveal the huge demand for new accounts and identifies our new Master of Professional Accountancy program as an idea path to embark on this career. Citing professor Bob Yetman and Executive Director of the MPAc program, Will Snyder this article is a must read for anyone considering a career in accounting.

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Why Showing Your Face at Work Matters

Kimberly Elsbach, a professor at the University of California at Davis Graduate School of Management and Daniel Cable, a professor at London Business School, say their research shows that employees who work remotely may wind up with lower performance reviews, smaller raises and fewer promotions, even if they work just as hard and as long as colleagues who go to the office every day.

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Coordinating Traditional and Renewable Energy Sources
Mathematicians Address Complex Issues in Electricity Supply

Professor David Woodruff was one of two UC Davis professors recently awarded grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy to research optimal ways to integrate traditional energy sources with new renewable energy sources. This article describes Woodruff’s contributions to the Green Electricity Network Integration (GENI) project.

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Image of The Mod Quad: The Best and Most Beautiful B-School Campuses

The Mod Quad: The Best and Most Beautiful B-School Campuses

The Graduate School of Management was among the top 50 business school campuses in the world, based on location, facilities, professors, and overall campus culture. This list at includes some of the top MBA programs in country and cites the Graduate School of Management’s “give back” culture among students that extends from its academic programs to its extracurricular activities like the popular Big Bang! business plan competition and the Challenge for Charity.

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