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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News

In the News

The Best MBA Programs? Magazine Lists Disagree

This article about how a growing number of magazines like U.S. News & World Report and Forbes attract attention with their annual rankings of MBA programs cites the Graduate School of Management. In 2012 the Graduate School of Management’s part-time MBA program was ranked among the top six percent of AACSB International-accredited programs nationwide by U.S. News & World Report.

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Newsmaker – Kimberly Elsbach

This article profiles Professor Kimberley Elsbach, and charts her circuitous route into the academic world. “My father was a professor in the medical school at the University of South Dakota, so I grew up in a college town, kind of like Davis only smaller, and I really was drawn to the lifestyle of an academic,” she said.

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Business Accelerator to Nurture UC Davis Startups

Davis Roots, the UC Davis startup accelerator just opened this month, is already getting attention and partners. This article in the Sacramento Business Journal reports on the new organization, founded by Professor Andrew Hargadon and local entrepreneur Anthony Costello, and the companies newly on board.

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Federal rule could cost shareholders millions

A University of California Davis study concludes that proposed federal rules could cost shareholders billions of dollars.

The study, led by UC Davis Graduate School of Business professor Paul Griffin, examines the costs of requiring businesses to disclose use of minerals from nations linked to human-rights abuses.

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Alpha Traders: Mama’s Boys or Daddy Killers?

This article cites Professor Brad Barber’s research which showed that active trading is really a loser’s game. “Their bottom line: ‘The more you trade the less you earn.’ Buy-and-hold investors in their research turned over their portfolios just two percent a year. Active traders churned their portfolios an average of 258 percent annually, but their net returns were a third less than their buy-and-hold competition.”

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Davis Roots seeks to develop the entrepreneurial side of Davis

The basic idea behind Davis Roots is to help good ideas grow into companies—ones that would be located in or near Davis. Andrew Hargadon (pictured) co-founded Davis Roots with Anthony Costello, and on this edition of Davisville, Hargadon explains how the new nonprofit “accelerator” will work.

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Sleep Train Gets Taste of New Media Reality

Sleep Train Inc. was among the first companies to advertise with Rush Limbaugh when he began his radio career, and the company was also among the first to pull out following his controversial statements on air. In this article, Assistant Professor Olivier Rubel says that advertisers who pull out later face less risk of backlash than those who respond first.

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Image of For Rush Limbaugh Advertisers, Backlash Could Hit Hard in Social Media Age

For Rush Limbaugh Advertisers, Backlash Could Hit Hard in Social Media Age

In this article about the recent Rush Limbaugh controversy and how it reflects the social media marketing landscape, Assistant Professor Olivier Rubel says that if you are the online data backup provider Carbonite, for example, and you also invest heavily in online media, the Limbaugh controversy increases the risk that you will get pulled in.

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