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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News
Image of Risk Bites Back: Lessons Learned from the Harvard Endowment

Risk Bites Back: Lessons Learned from the Harvard Endowment

The success of Harvard’s endowment in recent decades helped popularized a new approach to university endowment investing that generated enormous gains. But when the 2008 financial crisis hit, Harvard’s fund took a bath and exposed weaknesses in its asset management approach. Harvard’s experience offers lessons for financial advisors increasingly interested in alternative investments. Professor Brad Barber’s latest research is cited in the article.

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University of California to Offer Summer Classes to Students from Black Colleges

This article reports how undergrads from historically black colleges and universities will be able to take classes at University of California business and management schools as part of the UC Summer Institute for Emerging Managers and Leaders will rotate between six campuses, including the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

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Retail Radio Gives Shoppers Music To Spend By

Companies use in-store music services to enhance the shopping experience and stave off retail’s enemy: an uncomfortable silence that might make customers head for the door. Research has shown “music is going to have an impact on the way people shop,” said Olivier Rubel, assistant professor of marketing at the University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management.

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UC Davis Researchers: Give Airline Passengers Options

A study conducted by UC Davis researchers concludes airlines should give passengers options if flights are delayed on the tarmac. In addition to enhancing convenience, researchers said offering passengers the option to deplane and reboard or cancel or change tickets could stave off costly government regulation and increase customer loyalty, ultimately improving airline profits.

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Tight Budgets, Wild Markets Hurt Investment Clubs

Not that long ago, it seemed like everyone belonged to an investment club. People would gather at a friend’s house, share a few bottles of merlot and toast their soaring investments in Cisco and JDS Uniphase.  And now? Not so much. In this article, Professor Brad Barber’s study “Too Many Cooks Spoil the Profits” is cited, suggesting that getting a bunch of investors together doesn’t tend to improve returns.

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Where Are the Women Executives in Silicon Valley?

Though it won’t be news to anyone who has worked in Silicon Valley, this article reports on the UC Davis study that confirms tech companies are woefully behind in including women among their board members and highest-paid executives—not to mention the engineering ranks.

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Steven Currall: Men Still Dominate at Top California Companies, Study Says

This article reports on the UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s annual census on California Women Business Leaders on Wednesday. The study, now in its seventh year, details the presence of women at the top of the 400 largest publicly held corporations headquartered in the state.

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Women’s Glass Ceiling Intact at California Corporations, Study Shows

This article reports on the new UC Davis study which suggests that the glass ceiling remains firmly in place for female executives in California … and likely will stay there for a long time. “There are plenty of qualified women to hire and promote, but the vast majority of the 400 largest public companies in the state don’t seem to recognize that,” said Steven Currall, dean of the management school.

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Wharton Admissions: As elitist as you’d expect?

Mark Goldberg had every reason to believe he would be among the incoming MBA class this fall at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Without taking a prep course or even buying a study book, he had pretty much aced the GMAT exam with a score of 770 out of 800 — 50 points higher than the 720 median score for this year’s entering class.

But then came the unexpected rejection, in March. “At first,” he says, “I was surprised and disappointed, then I was shocked.”

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The Privatization of California’s B-Schools

In the past few years, billions of dollars have been slashed from California’s higher education budget. Some have warned that the cutbacks are impacting the quality of a state university system that has long been considered the crown jewel of public higher education.

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Lessons Learned from a Successful 3-Dimensional Learning Model

Although he probably didn’t know it at the time, Albert Einstein once offered this superb piece of business advice. “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” In a way, that’s what we’re doing in the University of Missouri Trulaske College of Business through our 3-Dimensional Learning Model. We scanned the business environment and saw that we needed to rethink our program, but with great uncertainty about the future. So we harnessed that uncertainty and reframed it as an opportunity to do things differently and reinvent what it means to educate a business student.

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Opinion: Lack of Women in Top Silicon Valley Positions is a Disgrace

At UC Davis, the Graduate School of Management has been doing research that continues to produce results that are startling for the state and even worse for Silicon Valley.

For the past six years, the university’s annual Women Business Leaders study has found that in a state that prides itself on equality and diversity, it’s still overwhelmingly a man’s world at the top of corporate California.

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Glass Ceiling still Sturdy, says UC Study

A study by the University of California, Davis found women are “a conspicuous minority” in the Golden State’s boardrooms and corner offices.

Men still occupy about nine out of every 10 of the highest paying management jobs and board seats, said the study, put together by UC Davis’ graduate school of management.

Steven Currall, the school’s dean, said “for a state that considers itself a hip, progressive trendsetter, California looks like anything but that.”

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Who’s Counting? The UC Davis Study of California Women Business Leaders

Over the past five years, the UC Davis Graduate School of Management has shined a spotlight on the gender diversity of top leadership positions in California’s largest public companies. Our findings paint a disappointing picture: On average, we’ve found that there is only one woman for every nine men in the executive suites and boardrooms of these high-profile firms.

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