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The following articles feature UC Davis Graduate School of Management faculty research, recent School activities, and student and alumni news.

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In the News

In the News

UC Davis Management Grad School’s in Top 10% of MBA Programs Worldwide

The University of California, Davis, Graduate School of Management has again been ranked in the top 10 percent of accredited business schools in the world and is No. 1 for the percentage of female faculty, according to new rankings compiled by the Financial Times of London. The Times’ global MBA ratings placed the UC Davis MBA program 43rd among MBA programs in the United States and 83rd globally. The UCD school also ranked in the top 10 percent of schools worldwide in last year’s ratings by the Financial Times.

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Image of Entrepreneurs Fuel the Innovation Ecosystem

Entrepreneurs Fuel the Innovation Ecosystem

“Entrepreneurs build networks that didn’t exist before,” says Prof. Andrew Hargadon, director of the UC Davis Center for Entrepreneurship, in an interview with the editor of North Carolina State University’s Center for Innovation Management Studies Technology Management Report (p. 6-9).  Hargadon has been researching the innovation process since 1996 when CIMS helped to fund his dissertation on technology brokering.

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Image of Obama Ducks and Covers on Climate

Obama Ducks and Covers on Climate

Professor Andrew Hargadon’s views on innovation of new energy technologies are quoted in New York Times’ Andrew Revkin’s Dot Earth blog post about President Obama’s State-of-the-Union call for a new “Sputnik moment” to drive the country’s energy innovation imperative.

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EMR not Boosting Productivity? Could Be a Mismatch between System and Specialty

Professor Hemant Bhargava says the practice he and others researched adopted an EMR system that made tasks associated with treating sick patients — such as reviewing radiological images, notes from previous visits and charts of test data — more efficient. But tasks associated with well visits, such as data entry, were made more cumbersome and time-consuming for physicians who were used to quickly jotting down notes with a pen and paper.

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Capay Valley Farmers Create a Marketplace

About 30 growers and ranchers from the Yolo County region have banded together to sell their wares as the Capay Valley Farm Shop, launched by GSM alumnus Thomas Nelson. “If people have a relationship with the farmers who grow their food, it becomes a quality of life issue,” says Nelson.

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Image of What Men Can Learn from Women to Invest More Profitably

What Men Can Learn from Women to Invest More Profitably

In the study titled Boys Will Be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence and Common Stock Investment professors Brad Barber of the GSM documented that men traded 45 percent more than women and ended up having their net returns reduced by almost a full percentage point compared to women. In this Forbes article, Liz Davidson outlines a few tips that men can learn from women to become better investors.

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Image of Wine Executive Grad Touts Program

Wine Executive Grad Touts Program

Emilee Schumer at Wines and Vines provides a first-hand account of her experience at our Wine Executive Program. In this article she discusses the topics covered in the program, the value available to up and coming wine execs, and her impressions of the experience as a whole.

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Image of Clean-Tech Entrepreneurs Eye Funding Shift

Clean-Tech Entrepreneurs Eye Funding Shift

John Bissell, an alum of our UC Davis Green Tech Entrepreneurship Academy, can turn raw sewage into water bottles, raincoats, diapers and other everyday products. But can he turn it into a $10 million industrial plant? Bissell owns MicroMidas Inc., a Sacramento, Calif., start-up that makes plastic out of waste using a technology it developed two years ago. He’s now looking to move into a large manufacturing facility from a pilot plant, but says lenders are reluctant to provide the $10 million in capital he needs to make that transition.r

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Money Management: Battle of the Sexes

Professor Brad Barber’s research study, “Boys Will Be Boys: Gender, Overconfidence, and Common Stock Investment” appeared in MIT’s Quarterly Journal of Economics. Looking at patterns across 35,000 households, Barber and co-author Terrance Odean determined that male investors traded stocks about 50 percent more often than women investors, with their market timing efforts resulting in poorer returns and more frequent fees and charges.

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Opinion: Lack of Women in Top Silicon Valley Positions is a Disgrace

At UC Davis, the Graduate School of Management has been doing research that continues to produce results that are startling for the state and even worse for Silicon Valley. For the past six years, the university’s annual Women Business Leaders study has found that in a state that prides itself on equality and diversity, it’s still overwhelmingly a man’s world at the top of corporate California.

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California’s Biggest Firms have few Female Executives, Study Finds

The survey shows women holding 9.5% of board seats and highest-paid executive positions, which is in line with previous years. Sixteen (4%) of the 400 companies had a woman as chief executive, up from 15 in 2009 and 11 in 2006.”What this suggests is that once you make it into top management, the chances of getting appointed to the board are roughly the same whether you’re a man or a woman,” Professor Donald Palmer said. “If discrimination is taking place, and I think it is, it’s likely taking place at the many lower levels in an organization.”

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Glass Ceiling Still Sturdy, Says UC Study

A study by the University of California, Davis, found women are “a conspicuous minority” in the Golden State’s boardrooms and corner offices. Only 16 out of the 400 biggest public companies has a woman CEO. Steven Currall, the school’s dean, said “for a state that considers itself a hip, progressive trendsetter, California looks like anything but that.”

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Study Shows Gender Glass Ceiling Prevails

Researchers at UC Davis today released a study looking at gender diversity among the state’s 400 largest public companies. They found that men still hold roughly nine out of every 10 of the highest-paid management and board positions.

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Image of O.C. Companies have Fewest Women Leaders

O.C. Companies have Fewest Women Leaders

Orange County companies have the lowest female representation on their boards of directors and among their highest paid executives, according to a survey released today by UC Davis. The 6th annual survey looks at the 400 largest public companies headquartered in California, of which 48 are in Orange County. Statewide fewer than 1 in 10 directors/top-paid executives are women.

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California Women hold less than 10% of Top Jobs

It’s lonely for California women at the top, with a dearth of fellow females on the boards and in the executive suites of high-profile companies. Women hold only 9.5 percent of board seats and the highest-paid executive positions at the 400 largest publicly held corporations in California, a new University of California Davis study has found.

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