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Corporate Sponsors and Projects

UC Davis MBA students have completed sponsored projects for many corporations and organizations.

These projects, the culmination of the Integrated Management Project core course as well as independent study work, have included strategic planning, marketing studies, operations analysis and other solutions for these companies and more.

Select 2015–16 Client Sponsor Engagements 

Partner Name Topic of Consultation

Broadcom Ltd.: Prepared an independent market assessment for the Over-The-Top content delivery market. Developed a recommended IC investment strategy based on this assessment.

Daikin: Developed an assessment of how the Internet of Things could be leveraged for the company’s future product development. Recommended opportunities to pursue in the “smart” and “solar” spaces.

E. & J. Gallo Winery​:  Proposed and analyzed various plant workflow and configuration alternatives to accommodate a 2x increase in production capacity. Recommended a solution that optimized both product throughput and end-to-end transportation costs.

Gartner: Conducted field interviews, a survey and independent analysis to identify key traits associated with increased selling productivity by Gartner’s managing partners. Developed a recommended go-forward approach to drive the maximum productivity ramp.

HM.CLAUSE: Evaluated the evolving market for vegetable production in protection production systems and identified the implications for overall vegetable production in North America. Proposed new market strategies that identified top opportunities, key success factors, required investment and potential risk factors.

Mars, Incorporated: Provided a comprehensive overview and analysis of potential route-to-market (RTM) strategies for consumer product goods (CPG) in India. Identified the key resources, capabilities and activities required to build RTMs that provide a competitive advantage for a CPG launch. 

Nor-Cal Beverage: Developed innovative options to reduce, recover and reuse wastewater from the company’s reverse osmosis water filtration system. Identified recommendations to reduce the need for additional municipal water and provide long-term sustainability advantages for the company.

OpTerra Energy Group Inc. (formerly Chevron Energy Services): Completed Smart Cities opportunity assessment based on analysis of customer needs and client capabilities. Delivered a customer targeting methodology and framework.

PG&E: Presented a business case to assess opportunities to use Big Data enterprise-wide. Delivered strategic recommendations in organization and culture, as well as in data storage, management and assessment.

SYNNEX Corp.: Analyzed sales data, and interviewed and surveyed customers to identify opportunities in Software-as-a-Service products for Fortune 500 information technology supply chain services company. Developed sales and customer segmentation strategies to accelerate cloud services adoption.

SELECT Past Client Sponsors

Partner Name Topic of Consultation
Agilent Technologies: Characterized the communication preferences of Agilent’s current and future customers, surveyed various communications strategies and vehicles, and  developed actionable recommendations with respect to appropriate media mix and communications strategy.
AT&T: Analyzed the impact of and created a framework for transitioning from direct mail marketing to digital marketing for AT&T Wireless products for both general and diverse market segments.
Chevron Energy Solutions: Developed a competitive positioning strategy for Chevron Energy Solutions; addressed market gaps and identified effective ways to communicate CES’ value proposition in the civic and public education markets.
First Northern Bank: Developed an approach, plan and set of initiatives to help First Northern Bank more effectively serve the small business market segment to increase profitability in a competitive landscape.
Get Satisfaction: Conducted industry analysis and gathered competitive intelligence for Get Satisfaction, an innovative SaaS company with an industry-leading community platform that helps customers unleash the power of conversation.
HarvestMark: Explored, evaluated and tested go-to-market strategies and product features to accelerate growth of a personal nutrition app for HarvestMark, a late-stage venture building internet and mobile platform for farm-to-fork traceability and shopper feedback.
HP: Developed a growth strategy focused on providing value-added services to small- and medium-sized businesses for HP’s imaging and PC business.
Intermatic: Developed a business plan for entry into the building/energy management system solutions space.
Johnson & Johnson: Developed a framework to measure and value Johnson & Johnson’s sustainability initiatives in the medical device and diagnostics business; identified key sustainability-related customer purchase drivers, and recommended areas of focus to address emerging needs and the competitive landscape.
Mars, Incorporated: Built an analytical framework to help identify game-changing sustainability opportunities throughout the supply chain for Mars.
NetApp: Analyzed the changing strategic context for NetApp and data storage as more businesses move to cloud solutions. The team built business cases and associated pricing models for hybrid cloud/on-premises solutions evaluating both the data storage industry and comparable industries that have experienced disruptive changes.
Sims Recycling Solutions: Developed an implementation plan to integrate the S3i business model into the existing Sims Recycling Solutions operations.
UCSF Medical Center: Developed a marketing plan to build awareness focused on the consumer (patient) audience.
VSP Global: Proposed actionable marketing and business strategies to expand the company’s individual vision care line of business.
Wells Fargo: Identified attractive target markets and developed strategies in support of Wells Fargo’s goal to become a leader in mass market retirement savings.

We actively engage our corporate partners to collaborate on the specific types of consulting project that may be required. We look forward to working with you and your team.

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