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Image of Ag Innovation Entrepreneurship Academy

Ag Innovation Entrepreneurship Academy
A world to harvest.

Thirty-five undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students, postdoctoral researchers and faculty from UC Davis and industry participated in the 2015 Ag Innovation Entrepreneurship Academy, held April 21-23. This intensive business development program is offered to scientists and engineers who want to identify, design and validate business opportunities for their research.

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Image of Innovation at the Edge

Innovation at the Edge
Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco—June 18, 2014

Our first Bay Area event, Innovation at the Edge, was dedicated to breakthroughs—with inspiring stories of innovators and entrepreneurs in the UC Davis community. The event was held in the amazing Autodesk Gallery in downtown San Francisco.

Graduate School of Management Dean Steven C. Currall and institute founder Andrew Hargadon discussed insights from their work showing the importance of networks of support to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Image of Ignite 2014

Ignite 2014
Entrepreneurship Conference

The annual Ignite conference provides MBA and graduate science and engineering students with a chance to meet and learn from some of the most successful and up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

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