Sample Project Ideas

  • Development of environmental sensors for field application in agricultural production, e.g. to monitor water use, nitrogen in soil, pesticide use, etc.
  • Food systems that reduce societal health risks, costs and potential for diseases such as diabetes, cancer and ADHD.
  • On-farm post-harvest technologies to increase food security for smallholder farmers in the developing world.
  • Water and energy efficient agronomic practices/technologies—minimum water and energy input.
  • Bio-based materials to decrease dependence on fossil fuels in agricultural production, decrease soil toxicity or improve soil health.
  • Advances in communication technologies for agricultural applications, e.g., 24/7 field monitoring of crop water use.
  • Development of energy- and/or water-efficient food processing technologies.
  • Aggregation and distribution infrastructure to enable regional sale and distribution of locally produced agricultural products.
  • Rotational cropping systems to decrease requirements for petroleum-based inputs and increase biodiversity and soil fertility.
  • Remediation technologies for contaminated water (ground and surface water) and soils.
  • New crop/soil sensors and remote sensing techniques, integrated with GIS and GPS systems.
  • Affordable biosensors of agricultural products and processes, e.g., online monitoring of milk quality, pesticide residues and produce quality for large and small operations.