Full-Time MBA Program Fall 2014 Registration Instructions

Registration Timeline and Instructions

Please read through the instructions carefully prior to starting the registration process. Students access two different systems for registration and payment.

  • GSM: Registration System (RaPS) for registration (add/drops)
  • UC Davis: SISWEB(MyBill) for payment

GSM Registration and Processing System (RaPS)

  • Registration and all GSM adds/drops/course changes processed in RaPS (and forwarded to SISWEB). Do not access SISWEB directly for registration actions.
  •  In Manage Schedule, required courses are pre-loaded to your schedule.
  • We advise students not to use mobile devices to process their RaPS registration or MyBill payments.

Registration Groups

Reg 1 (Fall 2013 entering students or prior) Opens: August 14

Reg 2 (Fall 2014 entering students or prior) Opens: August 7

Students who do not enroll by the initial registration deadline are subject to a $110 registration penalty fee.

Registration in RaPS transmits to the campus system on an hourly basis during these times:

Monday – Friday, 6:00 a.m. – midnight
Saturday – Sunday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Any registration and payment submitted outside of these times are date/time stamped and submitted as soon as the campus system re-opens. Students are enrolled in courses based on the date/time stamp. Expect to receive an automated enrollment confirmation email within 24 hours of registration (see Troubleshooting Registration below).

Unit totals are limited to 12 units through the initial registration deadline.

Unit totals increase to 16 on August 29, at 12 n.

Initial Registration Closes

Reg Group 1 (Fall 2013 entering students or prior)  August 28, midnight

Reg Group 2 (Fall 2014 entering students) August 19, midnight

Student Bills Available on SISWEB

August 25

Cross Registration Requests Confirmed

August 29

Students select cross registration courses during the initial registration period. Processing cross registration enrollment begins the day after initial registration closes and enrollment confirmation in emailed to students if they are added to the course.

Student Fee Payment Deadline

September 15

Financial aid funding will post to your student account prior to fees being due. (See this link for actual date.) Students who miss the payment deadline are subject to a $110 registration penalty fee.

Registration Freeze

September 15 – 18

The registration freeze goes into effect on the Student Fee Payment deadline to allow payments to be properly applied to the student account balance due.

RaPS Open for Course Scheduling Changes

September 19

Independent or Group Study Forms Due

September 23

Instruction Begins

October 2

Final Add/Drop Deadline

October 13

Any registration request made after the final add/drop deadline is an exception, regardless of when the first course meeting is. If the exception is approved, you are assessed the $110 registration penalty fee.

NOTE: Due to the design of the course, some instructors will not allow students to add after the first class meeting. Please contact the instructor for permission prior to adding the course.

Registration Penalty Fee

A $110 registration penalty fee is assessed, if

  • you have not met the Initial Registration deadline.
  • you have not met the Student Fee Payment deadline.
  • you request to add and/or drop a course after the final add/drop deadline.

The registration penalty fee can be waived if medical documentation (including dates) is submitted indicating a student’s inability to meet the deadline(s).

Check your course graduation requirements in RaPS using the Course Advisor tab.

Required Courses

Entering Students Fall 2014
  • 200A Financial Accounting
  • 202A Markets and the Firm
  • 203A Data Analysis for Managers
  • 268 Articulation and Critical Thinking
Entering Students Fall 2013
  • 440A Integrated Management Project

Grades Available

January 2, 2015

Manage Schedule

Before entering the registration system, you will be asked to update your information in the Student Directory.

In RaPS, log in (UCD LoginID and Kerberos passphrase) and the required courses are pre-loaded in Manage Schedule. Click Register for Courses (if you do not click Register for Courses, your enrollment is not processed and you are not enrolled).

Troubleshooting the Registration Process

When should I receive my enrollment confirmation email?

If a registration confirmation email is not received within 24 hours, return to RaPS, go to Manage Schedule and check your status in the Enrollment Status column. Click on the link in that column to define your current enrollment status. Never verify enrollment in SmartSite. 

When do I select my cross registration courses?

Cross registration courses may be selected during your assigned registration period during initial registration. Enrollments for these courses do not process until after initial registration closes.

When should I add non-GSM courses to my schedule?

All GSM (MBA) registration activity (including adding and/or dropping GSM courses) must be done in RaPS first. It is necessary to add GSM courses prior to adding non-GSM courses to your RaPS schedule.  Once you have confirmation that you have been added to your GSM (MBA) courses, you may use RaPS to enter non-GSM units for the quarter.  There will not be a list of courses, you simply select Non-GSM-Course and enter the number of units.  Like the (MBA) GSM add process, this does not process instantaneously. It can take up to 24 hours for the systems to communicate, but it generally happens sooner. 

RaPS will update the number of non-GSM units to your record in SISWEB (if you receive a “maximum units exceeded” error message, the systems have not yet synchronized.)  You can then access SISWEB to add the non-GSM course(s).

Entering GSM (MBA) registration changes directly into SISWEB will result in automatic registration freeze. A freeze will also be applied when non-GSM courses are entered into SISWEB prior to the completion of GSM course registration in RaPS. It may take more than 72 hours to resolve the conflict in both systems.

How do I log in to the RaPS system?

In RaPS, log in (UCD Login ID and Kerberos passphrase) and update Student Directory information first. Proceed to Manage Schedule and select courses you plan to take for the quarter. (Cross registration courses may be selected as well.)

How do I view my account balance and UC registration payment records?

Your account balance is generated after you enroll in courses. Students can view and pay account balances at Students are responsible for paying all fees and other debts by the posted deadlines. No bills are mailed to students. This bill is a statement of funds owed to the university, not your student account, which will include financial aid disbursements.

When do I receive my financial aid disbursement?

If you are expecting a financial aid disbursement for part or all of your fees, it is generally disbursed to your student account 2-3 days prior to the fee payment deadline for each quarter. Please refer to the “Payment Deadline” above.

Additional Registration and Course Management Information

GSM Academic Calendar (including holidays)

Information about GSM Courses including:

  1. Courses and Concentrations
  2. Course Numbering
  3. Independent/Group Study

Information about Grades including:

  1. Availability
  2. Grade Change and Incomplete Change Timeline

Information about Registration including:

  1. Adding/Dropping
  2. Adding Non-GSM units
  3. Cross Registration
  4. Enrollment Adjustment Process
  5. Registration Groups
  6. Wait List
  7. Student Directory

When and how to access SISWEB

When and how to access Smartsite

How do I obtain taxation information