Sacramento MBA Cross Registration Information Summer 2014

Students may select cross registration courses during their registration period.

To Cross Register: In RaPS, select courses in Manage Schedule and proceed to Pay for Courses. Cross registration does not process until after the initial registration period closes.

May 27:  Initial registration closes
May 28: Cross registration processes

Reminder:  Home location students receive priority and when initial registration closes, there must be space available in the course for registration request to process.

GSM Policy on Cross Registration

GSM Policies and Procedures, Section 2.6.5:  All students can take up to a total of 15 units of cross registration courses during their matriculation at the GSM. Not all courses are taught in all locations and students are advised to make cross registration requests judiciously with this in mind.

Cross Registration Process

MBA students can request cross-registration in courses at other GSM campuses under these guidelines

  • Bay Area Courses - If you would like to take a course in the Bay Area (San Ramon), there is an additional fee of $100 per unit. This fee covers required textbooks, textpaks, meals, refreshments, parking, and other costs for each course in the Bay Area Program; optional textbooks are not included. You order your books sent directly to you using the online textbook form. All cross registration enrollment must be confirmed prior to you ordering textbooks. Allow 5 to 7 business days to receive your books from the time you submit the form. If you have questions or concerns please contact Caroll Sandifor, Bay Area Instructional & Operations Manager.
  • Administrative processing:
    • Cross Registration requests are processed through RaPS after the close of initial registration. As with all registration, cross registration enrollments are prioritized based on the date/time stamp of a student’s payment.
    • After initial registration closes, cross registration processing begins. Within 24 hours, once it has been verified that space is available in the course, you will receive an automated enrollment confirmation email.

After You Are Enrolled

Bay Area MBA Program Course Information

Required textbooks, textpaks, meals, refreshments and parking are included with your course fee; optional textbooks are not included.  DO NOT PURCHASE COURSE MATERIALS.  The GSM will provide textbooks and textpaks as part of the Course Differential Fee. You should not purchase these separately and cannot be reimbursement by the GSM if you do so. Your course fees cover your textbooks for enrolled courses only. If you drop a course you need to return all textbooks in mint condition or you will be charged for the replacement cost of the book. Instructions for returning textbooks for dropped classes are below.

Information returned from the instructor will be available at the front desk at Bishop Ranch.  Students only have a mailbox at their home campus.

Directions (including parking information) for Bishop Ranch

Bay Area Campus Guide

There is free parking at Bishop Ranch 15 and a permit is not required.

Access Cards
Bishop Ranch 15 (building 12647) requires an access card for entrance to the suite. Students, faculty and staff are allowed access via their access cards 24/7. Sacramento students may pick up a temporary access card to use for the quarter. If you experience issues or need a replacement card, please contact Caroll Sandifor at the reception area.