TA, MGT/P/B 202A, Fall Quarter 2016

The Graduate School of Management is accepting applications for a TA appointment during the Fall Quarter of 2016.   This appointment is for Professor Victor Stango; MGT/P/B 202A.

TA duties include:

  • Lead review sessions.  2-3 per week.
  • Hold office hours
  • Pre-class preparation.
  • Help with grading.
  • Answer student emails.
  • Not required to attend lectures.

202A course description:
Examines the decisions of consumers, business and government, and how these players interact. This course covers a variety of topics in economics, including supply and demand, efficiency, pricing and game theory. We will also cover the use and interpretation of economic data, and the rationale and effects of government policies affecting business. Fundamental concepts such as marginal analysis, opportunity cost, economies of scale and external effects are applied to current examples, in particular in the area of information technology.


Must be a Graduate Student:
work experience in Finance preferred.
completion of 202A preferred.

UC Davis is a smoke and tobacco free campus effective January 1, 2014. Smoking, the use of smokeless tobacco products, and the use of unregulated nicotine products (e-cigarettes) will be strictly prohibited on any UC Davis owned or leased property, indoors and outdoors, including parking lots and residential space.