Technology Management Minor Program Curriculum

Prerequisites for all technology management minor courses:

Completion of all designated prerequisite courses in accounting, mathematics and statistics. Students are required to complete five of the six courses listed to be certified for the minor. Note:  Only students admitted to the minor will be allowed to enroll in these courses.

MGT 120: Managing and Using Information Technology
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

The pervasiveness of information technology necessitates an understanding of the management of this technology as well as its uses for management. This course develops an understanding of hardware, software and networking issues necessary to understand their successful application. The development of systems that exploit advances in information technology is emphasized. The course also considers operational issues related to successful ongoing use of these systems for marketing, production, business intelligence and other critical management functions. Spring Quarter

MGT 140: Marketing for the Technology-based Enterprise
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

This course addresses the marketing process in technology-based companies. The emphasis is on understanding how cross-functional teams including scientists and engineers jointly develop, launch and support products and services for both consumers and businesses. Topics include the nature of technology products, the diffusion process of new products, consumer and business market analysis, the house of quality, marketing on the Internet, customer service and support for technology products, integrating marketing and R&D cross-functional teams and launching new products. Winter Quarter

MGT 150: Technology Management
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

This course introduces the management of firms in high-technology industries such as software development and biotechnology research. The course uses cases, readings and exercises to understand the issues involved in motivating and managing knowledge workers, organizing for innovation and decision making in fast-paced business environments. Spring Quarter

MGT 160: Financing New Business Ventures
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Covers methods used to evaluate, structure and finance new business ventures. A representative list of topics includes raising venture capital, the role of the venture capitalist, choice of organizational structure in new ventures, managerial incentives and compensation for new ventures, and the decision to go public. Fall Quarter

MGT 170: Managing Costs and Quality
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

Deals with designing cost systems in high-technology organizations and managing operations to maximize quality and minimize costs. Subjects include activity-based costing and management, target costing for new products, kaizen costing for existing products, supply chain cost management and applications of the theory of constraints to capacity problems, all in high-technology settings. Winter Quarter

MGT 180: Supply Chain Planning and Management
Lecture/discussion – 4 hours

The management of the production and distribution of goods and services is best viewed from a perspective that connects suppliers, producers, retailers and the transportation system. This course examines supply chain planning and management, beginning with location decision issues and proceeding through design of distribution systems and establishment of contracts with suppliers and distributors. Critical issues such as partnership formation, establishment of inventory policies and production plan and the electronic interchange of data are covered. Fall Quarter