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Chris Dito
Senior Director of Career Development

A passionate career development professional specializing in employer outreach and student collaborations with industry, while working with all our student populations  – Chris works with our 45+ Master of Professional Accountancy students, 80+ Full-Time MBA students, 400+ Part-Time MBA students across all three campuses in Davis, San Ramon and Sacramento. She provides career counseling and coaching to MBA and MPAc students with the goal to secure full-time and internship placements while helping students maximize their career potential with continual networking and advising. Instrumental in the forecasting of trends and alternative delivery modalities to reach all students for maximum content delivery of a 4 week Orientation each Fall. Continue to enhance candidate EQ with such topics as The Power of Grit, How to Rock Your Brand, Leveraging Linkedin, Elevator Pitch Success, Using Improv in the Search Process and How to Strategize your MBA Search.

As a proud brand ambassador for the GSM, Chris connects with new companies and employers by attending national events including – MBA Conferences, NACE/MPACE Conferences, ALFPA, CES, and SXSW Conferences. Chris thrives on creating meaningful partnerships and new relationships for the mutual benefit of students seeking positions and employers seeking talented candidates.

Before joining the business school, Chris served as a project manager for the UC Davis Internship & Career Center, specializing in employer partnerships. She managed the On Campus Recruiting Program which facilitated interviews with hundreds of employers that recruited at UC Davis, worked with thousands of students career coaching, taught career development courses at UC Davis and local community colleges, and has been a continual member of MPACE (board position), NACE (committee involvement).