Staff Profile

Natalie Hull-Frazier
Admissions Coordinator

Natalie Hull-Frazier is the admissions coordinator for the Graduate School of Management, supporting all three MBA programs – Davis, Bay Area, and Sacramento. Natalie works directly with operations to ensure that applications are received and processed in a timely manner.

Hull-Frazier serves as the first point of contact in Gallagher Hall and interacts directly with faculty, staff, current students, alumni and prospective students alike, answering questions and directing folks across the entire campus. She also plans and executes numerous events and activities within the Graduate School of Management, such as Decision Day, Diversity Symposium, ROI events, and MBA Fairs off site.

Natalie enjoys running (you can find her “runching” – running during lunch – outside Gallagher Hall), baseball games (specifically the Giants!), and the outdoors accompanied by her two favorites;  her husband, Aaron, and dog, Fiona.